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Even Matchup Gaming, seen as EMG in tournaments, is a Canadian based production company & tournament organising team that specialises in fighting games. Creators of Canada's largest fighting game tournament "Get On My Level" which attracts thousands of top competitors & fans from across the world, EMG is recognised as a leader in Canadian esports and has played a major role in the growth of the community by creating some of the most successful tournaments in the scene. EMG based in Toronto, Canada, and was founded by Toronto Joe.

Sponsors and partners[edit]


Tournaments Hosted[edit]

  • Get On My Level series: the current largest/strongest yearly Canadian event since 2014
  • The Come Up: Apex 2015 Canadian qualifier.
  • The Ontario division of The Melee Games, a collegiate series, won by York University.
  • Toryuken/Canada Cup/others, the smash events of various Canadian FGC events.
  • EGLX, Canada's largest video game expo
  • Smash @ Anime North
  • Revenge of the 6ix, Toronto Monthly Regional
  • Let's Make Moves : The first SSBU national, hosted in Somerset, NJ.

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