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The Melee Games, or TMG for short, is a national Super Smash Bros. Melee collegiate tournament series organized and founded by MattDotZeb. Various colleges form teams of 5 players and faced off against other colleges in 20 stock crew battles. In the past few years, The Melee Games has grown from a small North-East only series to a tournament series featuring colleges from all over the United States as well as Canada.


Number of Teams:

The finals for the West Coast were done at I'm Not Yelling while the finals for the East Coast as well as the grand finals were at Super Nebulous 3. The winning team from California was also notably flown out to Super Nebulous as part of a bigger donation drive.

Finalists/Qualifier Division[edit]

Bracket: Bracket

  • 1st: University of California-Berkeley/Northern California
  • 2nd: University of Maryland/Mid-Atlantic
  • 3rd: University of California-Irvine/South California
  • 3rd: York University/Ontario
  • 5th: Stony-Brook/Tri-State
  • 5th: University of California Santa Barbara/South California
  • 5th: University of California Santa Cruz/North California
  • 5th: University of Massachusetts-Amherst/New England


There were two different finals, one for Tri-State and one for New England. 50 colleges in total participated the first year.


Bracket: [1] Number of Teams: 30

  • 1st: Columbia University
  • 2nd: Rutgers University
  • 3rd: Cornell University
  • 3rd: University of Pittsburgh
  • 5th: New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • 5th: Rochester Institute of Technology
  • 5th: Stony Brook University
  • 5th: University of Pennsylvania

New England/Location[edit]

Bracket: [2] Number of Teams: 20

  • 1st: University of Massachusetts-Boston
  • 2nd: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 3rd: University of Connecticut
  • 3rd: University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • 5th: Boston College
  • 5th: Brandeis University
  • 5th: Northeastern University
  • 5th: Tufts University