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This article is about the hitbox visualization in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the move itself, see Shadow Mario Paint.

Damage and Knockback

In Bowser Jr.'s Final Smash, he turns into Shadow Mario from Super Mario Sunshine. After striking a pose, he paints an X on the screen in bright orange paint. Characters often get hit into the X repeatedly, due to it's low knockback. This causes 4-5% damage for each hit. After about 12 seconds, the X explodes, causing moderate knockback and around 12-15% damage. Bowser Jr. is also able to attack during the final smash, that is, 0.8 seconds after the final smash is started.


  • While you can use other moves during the final smash, Level 9 CPUs often use Bowser Jr.'s neutral special repeatedly.
    • This is likely due to the CPUs not registering that the final smash has been used, due to the final smash aura surrounding Bowser Jr. during the final smash.

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