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Hello all, I am Alex, and I main Jigglypuff!

I test stuff a lot, but I usually find that things I discover were already known, albeit obscure. sigh...

If you ever need anything tested, let me know (because testing stuff is my life).

Some things you should know about me[edit]

I main Jigglypuff
  • Sometimes I leave my tab open for convenience, so it might say I'm online when I'm not.
    • I do, however check the wiki, and my watchlist multiple times a day.
  • I am quite protective of the Jigglypuff (SSB4) article, and will find out if incorrect information is inserted.
  • I'm always willing to answer any questions you may have about the wiki or smash etc. Just drop me a message on my talk page and I'll get to you as soon as I can.

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My userbox A.K.A the most unused userbox ever[edit]

Angry jigglypuff.png This user kinda likes that weirdo lobster guy. I think his name is Alex or something...

Users who need to create their own userboxes (so I can use them)[edit]


Key terms I use (And what they mean)[edit]

  • momentum based jump/up special: a jump or up special that does not actually have a fixed height, but due to the general consistency of gravity stats, appears to have. Therefore can be affected by changes to gravity.
  • sensitive knockback: a move whose kill percent, due to possessing very low knockback growth, is significantly affected by external factors.
  • gravity compensation: the formula which slightly increases vertical knockback based on gravity so that fighters with high gravity do not survive longer.
  • pseudo-fast-faller: a fighter with a high gravity stat but low fall speed, giving the illusion that it is a fast-faller e.g Bowser

Jigglypuff SSB4.png

Mr. Sakurai...


That's Senpai to you!

Jigglypuff SSB4.png



Yes Jigglypuff?

Jigglypuff SSB4.png

uhh...I just wanted to ask...could you possibly

maybe consider potentially me a buff



Jigglypuff SSB4.png

But I...why not?


Because I said so

Jigglypuff SSB4.png



No Jigglypuff, you cannot have a buff

Jigglypuff SSB4.png




#Shameless Plugins[edit]

Resources and Indexes[edit]

Various resources, tests and Index rankings I made for SSB4

User:Trainer Alex/Patch notes key terms

User:Trainer Alex/Glide index tiers (SSB4)

User:Trainer Alex/Pummel damage index rankings (SSB4)

User:Trainer Alex/Back throw rankings index

User:Trainer Alex/Up throw ranking index

User:Trainer Alex/Omega stage blast zone height discrepancies

User:Trainer Alex/Relative stage blast zone heights SSB4

User:Trainer Alex/Speed stat gravity increase approximation