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Tournament:Hax's Nightclub

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Hax's Nightclub
Dates Wednesdays weekly (on hiatus)
Venue Operating System (OS) NYC
Address/City 50 Bowery (Chinatown)
Manhattan, New York, NY USA
Director(s) Hax$, DarkGenex

Hax's Nightclub @ Operating System NYC, commonly shortened to HNC or Hax's Nightclub, is the premier Super Smash Bros. Melee weekly/local in New York City, being a replacement for Nebulous since its closure. It has been run since September 2019. It is run on Wednesday nights (7:30 PM) by Hax$, DarkGenex, Jeremy, and various other people. The tournaments are sponsored by Even Matchup Gaming, being Hax's sponsor; and Andbox, a "family of gamers, artists, makers and breakers" who also sponsor other competitive events/teams (NYXL) at this location. The venue has helped spark the renaissance of the NYC Melee scene, and the current Melee New York City Power Rankings are based primarily on these results. Along with the usual Tri-State players, the well-ran events have had many out-of-state players come, such as Kalamazhu, due to the high level of weekly competition. Tournament winners include Rishi, Captain Smuckers, and rising star/hidden boss Aklo, among others. It is currently on hiatus, like most other tournaments, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experimental ruleset[edit]

The tournament is known for its experimental ruleset compared to other locals around the country. These include:

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