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The Beefy Smash Doods are an eSports team of YouTube content creators and competitive smashers in Austria. Originally founded as a crew, they are notable within the community for making in-depth tutorials, guides, and other useful videos pertaining to high level Smash 4 gameplay. The Smash Doods team has been accredited to discovering techs and mechanics unique to Smash 4 such as the ability to walljump when being ledge trumped [1], and even single-handedly advancing the metagame. While their content has focused mainly on Smash 4 gameplay, they have posted a variety of videos as well and covered games such as Melee and Overwatch. The team has recently become an eSports team, and have signed not only Smash players on their team, but also Overwatch players as well, although the latter has been disbanded. Beefy Smash Doods also have created an app called ReSalt, which is an offline ladder ranking system.


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