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Ultimate main Zelda
SSB4 main Corrin
Other SSB4
Lucina, Fox, Zero Suit Samus, Marth, Sheik, Cloud, Diddy Kong
Project M main Jigglypuff
Other Project M
Sponsor(s) HQ
Skill Super Smash Bros. 4 Top professional
PM Icon.png Professional
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Professional
Ranking Super Smash Bros. 4 New Jersey Smash 4 Power Rankings: 4th
Additional info
Real name Julio Funes
Location New Jersey United States

Arhungry is an American Smash 4 Corrin main from New Jersey, United States who is considered one of the best Corrin players in the United States. He is currently ranked 4th on the New Jersey Smash 4 Power Rankings. Arhungry has wins over players such as CaptainZack, Sinji, Ralphie, and Kogarasuma.

In Ultimate, Arhungry is a Zelda main with wins over Odyssey and MaverickHunter. He is formerly ranked 14th on the New Jersey Smash Ultimate Power Rankings.

Tournament placings[edit]


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Shots Fired 2 March 5th-6th, 2016 65th 9th Inayellowflash
CEO 2016 June 24th-26th, 2016 193rd 33rd Snakeee
Anomaly 2 May 20th, 2017 17th 7th Gunblade
Suburban Showdown July 8th, 2017 17th 5th Wraith
Shine 2017 August 25th-27th, 2017 65th 33rd Riz
SmashQuest III November 11th, 2017 33rd 4th Riz
Ursa Minor 2 February 8th, 2018 17th
Xanadu - End of an Era February 24th-25th, 2018 17th 5th Gen
Overclocked II March 17th, 2018 33rd 7th JaKaL
Collision XV March 31st, 2018 25th 5th Riz
The Scarlet Classic IV April 15th, 2018 9th 25th (DQ) Riz
HYDRA April 21st, 2018 9th 5th JaKaL
Glitch 4 April 28th, 2018 65th 13th Player 4
Platinum Star Party #1 May 5th, 2018 3rd
XenoSaga XV May 12th, 2018 17th 9th Air Gordon
ALPHA II June 9th, 2018 17th 9th Gen
Platinum Starcadian: Smash 4 Arcadian June 16th, 2018 7th Air Gordon
SmashQuest IV June 24th, 2018 25th 3rd Riz
Platinum Star Smash #8 July 1st, 2018 7th
Smash Sounds July 7th-8th, 2018 65th 7th Riz
Future Sight: A Future Without Bayonetta July 28th, 2018 9th
Final Smash Attack: Player's Ball July 29th, 2018 17th
Super Smash Con 2018 August 9th-12th 2018 97th 33rd Riz
Shine 2018 August 24th-26th 2018 33rd 17th Riz
Overclocked IV November 17th, 2018 33rd 3rd Ralphie
Super Smash Con 2019 August 8th-11th, 2019 33rd (DQ)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Let's Make Moves December 29th, 2018 33rd 17th Riz
Overclocked Ultimate February 17th, 2019 25th
Collision 2019 March 16th-17th, 2019 49th 17th Jack
Smash 'N' Splash 5 May 31st-June 2nd, 2019 97th
Shine 2019 August 23rd-25th, 2019 193rd
Let's Make Big Moves January 3rd-5th, 2020 129th

Super Smash Bros.[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Shots Fired 2 March 5th-6th, 2016 13th

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