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Smash Hall of Fame

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The Smash Hall of Fame was an idea proposed by some members of the Smashboards community, as to recognise the influence of various smashers and members of the growing Smash Bros. community. Two incarnations of the Hall of Fame were started in 2008 and 2012, but the idea has failed to become an annual tradition in the Smash community.

The first class was inducted in December 2008; voted on by members of the Smash Back Room, the inductees consisted of smashers Azen, Ken, and Isai, as well as tournament organisers Gideon, M3D, and Matt Deezie. All members were of American origin, and later induction classes were to feature a wider variety of people from outside of the region. Despite the idea being praised, as well as considerable thought placed into future inductees and the voting procedure, no further inductions took place, and the idea was abandoned.

A revival of the Smash Hall of Fame was attempted in 2012, this time featuring Brawl inductees, as well as adding "Contributors" alongside the smashers and tournament organisers. The second class was taken in 2012, voted on by members of the Brawl Back Room; the final class consisted of smashers ADHD, Ally, DEHF, Gnes, and Mew2King, tournament organisers Alex Strife, AlphaZealot, and Xyro, and the contributors of Aisight, Bionic, and GimR. While the revival received praise like its previous variant, the idea was once again abandoned.

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