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Piranha Plant void glitch

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The Piranha Plant void glitch was a freeze glitch variant found in version 2.0.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that was later patched in version 3.0.0. The glitch required using Piranha Plant, Ganondorf, a Deku Nut, and a Super Mushroom. To perform this glitch, Piranha Plant must pick up a Super Mushroom, then have a third player (preferably Villager or Isabelle, as a fighter with a Pocket would make the glitch much easier to perform) throw a Deku Nut at it. Once the giant Piranha Plant was stunned, have Ganondorf use Dark Dive on it. While grabbing Piranha Plant, the third player must throw a second Deku Nut at them to perform the void glitch. This glitch resulted in Piranha Plant getting stuck in the grab animation while Ganondorf gets stuck in the tumble animation. The only way to escape this glitch without restarting the fight was to have the third player hit them.

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