Piranha Plant Void Glitch

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The Piranha Plant Void Glitch is the freeze glitch variant which involves using Piranha Plant, Ganondorf, Deku Nut, and Super Mushroom. To perform this glitch, Piranha Plant must use the Super Mushroom transformation, then have the third player (preferably with a Pocket) throw a Deku Nut at it. Once the Giant Piranha Plant is stunned, have Ganondorf use Dark Dive at it. While grabbing the Plant, the third player must throw a second Deku nut at them to perform the void glitch. This glitch results Piranha Plant getting stuck in the grab animation while Ganondorf gets stuck in the tumble animation. The only way to remove this glitch is to have the third player hit them.

This was patched in version 3.0.0.