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This article is about the hitbox visualization in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the move itself, see Mario Finale.

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In Mario's Final Smash, Mario twirls/twists his hands together, then shoves them in front of him, creating massive twin dragons of fire. Mario will leave his hands stretched out, and he will be invincible during this time. The flame streams travel for a seemingly infinite amount of time before going offstage. They deal 2% or 3% damage and low knockback, allowing for more repeated hits. The flame swaths will carry opponents at around 30-50% damage offstage completely, resulting in a KO for the player using Mario. However, characters below the damage mentioned last will not be carried offstage, but will come away from the flame streams after it goes offstage, allowing them to get back onstage. Dr. Mario also shares this move, the only difference being a slight change in damage and its name being changed to Doctor Finale.

Hitbox Data

Hitbox Damage BKB KBG Angle Size Hitbox active FAF
Front Fireball 3 103 24 28 16 60-259 ?
Back Fireball 2 103 28 26 16 60-259 ?

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