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Proposed.png This discussion is in regards to a proposed change on SmashWiki. The discussion must first meet with a consensus before it is implemented.

I think, similar to Project+ we need to discuss the coverage of the Nintendo 64 mod Smash Remix since it has been featured at a lot of events, for example as side events on 64 tourneys like Smashtoberfest, Keystoned IV or in smaller remix only tournaments series' hosted by and for smash 64 players like Shalaka's El Refugio or JaimeHR's Remixed Netplay Showdown as one of the main events on multi-smash game tournaments like Frame Perfect Series 3: ONLINE. Not surprisingly though it's much smaller than Project+, with a bit under 50 entrants being the current maximum number probably. Currently it is mostly played by smash 64 players which is kind of similar to how Project M was mainly played by Melee players at first.

As of now, remix doesn't have it's own page, the new characters don't have either, there's no remix icon and the new characters don't have icons either, which is a problem if we want to add the results to tournament pages.

There are multiple ways to handle it:

  • 1) Just ignore remix tournaments completely, maybe write a "There has also been a remix tournament"
  • 2) Add remix result tables to tournaments, leave the used characters blank (like it is currently handled usually).
  • 3) Add icons & maybe also create pages, maybe only for the game at first.

Maybe we should wait until it turns more into it's own thing or gets bigger or partially replaces smash 64 more and stay at 2)? Some might want to go back to 1) I imagine..

Support 3: I think the mod has grown enough to have a dedicated page and character icons that link back to the page. I don't think it's large enough to have it's own character pages. While it hasn't taken over Smash 64 in popularity and I doubt it will, it seems more akin to how certain Brawl events held tournaments for mods such as Brawl+ or -. Señor Mexicano (talk) 08:42, November 11, 2020 (EST)
I'm leaning towards 2 for now since Smash Remix is still a relatively new game. If bigger national tournaments or large online tournaments start hosting the game in the near future, I believe that's when we can do more Smash Remix content. However if mods like Brawl+ and Brawl- have their own page I don't see why Smash Remix shouldn't have one as well. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 10:55, November 11, 2020 (EST)
Support 3: I think it could more popular in the future so the mod could have a page. ThegameandwatchIcon2.png Thegameandwatch ThegameandwatchIcon3.png The Nerd 12:16, November 11, 2020 (EST)


Just gonna give this a bump. For reference, these are the big tournaments that have already occurred for the mod:

Upcoming events include:

At this point, there's really no reason to oppose creation of an article, so the topic in mind is how much do we cover. I still believe we should go with 3, but have character icons link back to the mod page. Should the mod grow larger, which I think is pretty likely, then we can figure out whether to create individual character pages. As it currently stands, tournament results for the mod look incredibly bare and I really think we should at least include character icons. Señor Mexicano (talk) 22:21, March 21, 2021 (EDT)