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Welcome to the proposal forum. Here, miscellaneous proposals and requests can be filed. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "add new topic".

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Current proposals
Adding an "Inspiration" column to Spirit Battle tables15:45, September 14, 2019Awesomelink234
General proposals18:34, September 11, 2019Mega Mario Man
Project M stages07:48, September 11, 2019Supatoad64
Character pages19:07, September 10, 2019RobbyB3ll4s
Removing definitives in Smasher articles05:17, September 10, 2019Rdrfc
Adding Spirit battle sections to stages (similar to the ones on Fighter pages)16:51, September 9, 2019Serpent King
Old proposals
Paragraph secion Order (Moves)16:54, September 9, 2019Serpent King
Paragraph secion Order (Gallery and Trivia)16:53, September 9, 2019Serpent King
Categorizing Special Moves16:48, September 9, 2019Serpent King
Split all pages for shared moves between characters10:09, May 17, 2019Serpent King
SmashWiki:Drafts12:53, March 20, 2019Serpent King
Smash Ultimate Talk21:05, February 22, 2019Serpent King
A new usergroup idea19:29, February 22, 2019Serpent King
Placing major alternate costumes in tabs inside of the infobox19:21, February 22, 2019Serpent King
Power ranking images20:06, February 11, 2019Serpent King
Smash Newspaper?20:02, February 11, 2019Serpent King
Hitbox image collections21:24, December 17, 2018Serpent King
Affiliating the SmashWiki with the SmashBrosUltimate subreddit21:21, December 17, 2018Serpent King
Changelog Digestibility12:18, December 7, 2018Serpent King
Super Smash Flash 1 & 212:15, December 7, 2018Serpent King
Hitbox pages18:29, November 30, 2018Emmett
A policy regarding datamined content15:26, November 28, 2018Serpent King
Legacy XP and Legacy TE09:36, November 2, 2018Serpent King
Include voice actors on specific games' character articles' infoboxes09:35, November 2, 2018Serpent King
Move names12:25, October 7, 2018PeabodySam
Create "instant KO/death" article22:04, October 3, 2018Black Vulpine
Amendment to Trivia guidelines (complexity)18:33, August 15, 2018Serpent King
Alliance with ssbwiki16:58, August 10, 2018Serpent King
Articles on universe creators16:55, August 10, 2018Serpent King
Competitive namespace reorganization21:11, November 11, 2017Serpent King
Project M mentions16:05, April 24, 2017Disaster Flare
Making a template for talk pages mentioning SSBWIKI were in the media05:05, April 18, 2017Serpent King
Smashers that have taken a game off of ZeRo02:29, April 5, 2017Serpent King
Project M coverage17:48, March 13, 2017Toomai
Competitive history01:04, November 10, 2016Disaster Flare
Item icons01:03, November 10, 2016Disaster Flare
Sidebar menu suggestions/additions01:02, November 10, 2016Disaster Flare
What to do with pages about cloned and similar special moves01:01, November 10, 2016Disaster Flare
Adding in-game sounds to specific articles01:00, November 10, 2016Disaster Flare
Get rid of "update history" section in character pages?00:59, November 10, 2016Disaster Flare
Make update history pages for each character to transclude18:59, July 28, 2016Serpent King
List of Buffs & Nerfs discussion18:58, July 28, 2016Serpent King
The dilution of the "Notable players" sections18:58, July 28, 2016Serpent King
Wanted game assets18:58, July 28, 2016Serpent King
Get rid of all competitive navigation templates?18:57, July 28, 2016Serpent King
Page creation rights18:52, July 28, 2016Serpent King

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