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Proposed.png This discussion is in regards to a proposed change on SmashWiki. The discussion must first meet with a consensus before it is implemented.

As it has been widely known for quite some time, the gameplay that occurs online does not reflect gameplay that occurs offline. With this in mind I feel it would be appropriate to include an icon denoting that a tournament result took place online. My suggestion for what icon to use would be something along the lines of what I currently use on my userpage: OnlinePlay.png

I feel there isn't really much to add beyond that, I feel like it'd be a very beneficial addition that would help ease confusion on whether an event took place online or offline. We could even use this icon on the GameIcon template for use in the news section of the main page. Señor Mexicano (talk) 22:38, February 1, 2021 (EST)


  1. Definitely. Doesn't hurt in my opinion. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 22:40, February 1, 2021 (EST)
  2. Support. Lol I had that in my userpage as well. I think it is a good idea too. Grand Dad.png NPM Morr!? NaughtyPigBoi.jpg 22:51, February 1, 2021 (EST)
  3. Support. No reason not to, since everyone on Earth agrees that online is different environment. Anthony1996 (talk) 23:07, February 1, 2021 (EST)
  4. Would most definitely make it easier for ignorant idiots like myself to keep tabs on. Black Vulpine of the 🦊Furry Nation🐺. Furries make the internets go! :3 23:20, February 1, 2021 (EST)
  5. Support. I can't think of any reason not to do this, and it is gonna be especially important as offline tournaments come back and their is an even bigger mixture of offline and online results. Jaydyn (talk) 02:15, February 2, 2021 (EST)
  6. I don't see a reason why not to do it either. Superbound (talk) 06:05, February 2, 2021 (EST)
  7. What they said. Serpent SKSig.png King 09:51, February 6, 2021 (EST)




Could it be specified all the places that this is suggested to be used? Reading this as-is does not make it abundantly clear where (article icons? infoboxes? tables?) and on what pages (smasher pages? tournament pages?) the icon would be placed. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Ghostbuster 08:08, February 2, 2021 (EST)

On his tournament results, he places the globe icon next to online events, so we could do the same for smasher pages. It's going to be a lot of work, though. Anthony1996 (talk) 13:06, February 2, 2021 (EST)
Smasher page tournament results only. Could also be a part of the GameIcon template to denote whether a tournament is online or not on the news section of the main page. Infoboxes wouldn't count since we don't include online characters unless the person in question exclusively plays online. Not sure where there'd be a use for it on tables either. Tournament pages wouldn't require this as they are always either online or offline, though I could also see use in adding it to the ArticleIcons template. Señor Mexicano (talk) 20:07, February 2, 2021 (EST)