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Cardboard box
Cardboardbox 1.jpg
Universe Metal Gear
Appears in Brawl
Item class Throwing (large)
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The cardboard box can be used to damage an opponent. This makes it one of only three taunts in the series that can damage an opponent, the others being Luigi's and Greninja's down taunts.

The cardboard box is an item that is spawned by all of Snake's taunts in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. By using any of his taunts, Snake crouches under a cardboard box, which he removes after a short time (or when a button is pressed). If the box hits an opponent after being removed, it does minimal damage (1%-2%) and low knockback. Any character can pick up the box before Snake removes it; they will lift the box like a heavy item and automatically throw it forwards (unless another direction is specified). Donkey Kong's unique heavy-item mechanics allow him to carry the box around and throw it at will, however. Removing the box does not interrupt the taunt's duration.

A glitch exists where a player can generate infinite amounts of boxes at once using the Stage Builder.


Action Brawl
Throw 4%
Up tilt throw 4%
Forward tilt throw 5%
down tilt throw 6%
Forward smash throw 6%
Up smash throw 3%
Down smash throw 7%
Air throw 3%
Air forward tilt throw 3%
Air up tilt throw 3%
Air down tilt throw 6%
Air forward smash throw 3%
Air up smash throw 3%
Air down smash throw 3%

Role in Subspace Emissary[edit]

The cardboard box appears inside the Halberd's cargo hold before Snake is revealed to be in it. In a later cut scene, Snake sheds the box, saying "Kept you waiting, huh?" Later, while Snake is sneaking around the ship, he hides under the box again to avoid detection by Lucario and Meta Knight. However, Lucario uses its aura powers to detect Snake and removes the cardboard box, resulting in the trademark "!" appearing.


Snake must often sneak around enemy territory undetected in the Metal Gear series. One reoccurring way to avoid detection by guards in industrial areas is to hide under a cardboard box in order to not alert their attention. However, Snake must be careful not to be caught moving while under the box. Its first appearance was in Metal Gear and calling Big Boss while within the room where the player obtains the box leads to him mockingly asking if the player is moving house. Ironically, Big Boss himself had made use of it during Snake Eater, back when he was known as Naked Snake.

The design of boxes in the Metal Gear series varies depending on their location. As a result, the box in Brawl has no real origin and is instead composed entirely of meta-elements: it has the Super Smash Bros. logo with "Smash Bros." printed on the long sides and a "!" on the short sides. Interestingly, these elements are printed upside-down (so they appear rightside-up as Snake wears the box upside-down).


Cardboard Box - Brawl Trophy.png
Cardboard Box
A common, run-of-the-mill cardboard box that is somehow very effective at preventing detection by enemies. Hide inside it and enemies will walk on by. But put it somewhere too odd and you'll be discovered. You can move while in the box, but if anyone sees the box moving, you're in trouble. Both Liquid and Solid Snake have a deep affection for cardboard.
Metal Gear Solid
GameCube: Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

Snake can be seen hidden inside of the trophy.

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