Bowser (SSB4)/Neutral attack

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For the technical data of each individual hit, see:

As for the overall usage of the move, Bowser punches twice. The move is quick and is safe on shield due to its high speed and its second hit having the ability to be canceled. It is one of Bowser's main neutral spacing options as it can stuff an opponent's approach and can be used as a mixup into his grab, which leads into a plethora of setups for Bowser such as his neutral air or forward air to rack up damage, and his up air and back air, which can KO at consistent percents. Along with setting up into grab, the move can lead into a forward tilt or a down tilt for quick damage or a KO setup. Besides its large versatility, the move can also KO at higher percents and makes it a safe option when trying to take a stock or pressure an opponent, and due to the move speeds and quick pressure, it can condition opponents to hold shield or to attempt to jump over Bowser, leading to more mixups.

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