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I was a Smash Bros. fan ever since I was introduced to Melee as a kid. I didn't know much to the game in Melee, but from Brawl to Ultimate I've learned a few things. Each game may have their flaws, but they all have somethin' I like about 'em. My playstyle can be random sometimes depending on the character I play which is to be unpredictable. Sometimes, I do tend to rage a bit, BUT I can get over it and try to work around fightin' a specific character.

[[Image:SSB4 Mario & Dr. Mario (Black Alternate Costumes).JPG|160px|center|IkOzael]]
Ultimate mains Dr. Mario, Mario, Pichu
Other Ultimate
Lucario, Falco
SSB4 mains Dr. Mario, Mario, Luigi
Other SSB4
Falco, Robin
Brawl main Mario
Other Brawl
Falco, Luigi
Melee mains Dr. Mario, Falco
Other Melee
Mario, Luigi
Skill Other Intermediate
Additional info
NNID IkOzael
Location Tennessee United States