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Not related to Green Mario nor have I heard about this smasher until I saw the person's name in the page.

Green Mario
Brawl main Mario
Other Brawl
Link, Kirby, Fox
Melee main Mario
Other Melee
Fox, Link, Kirby
SSB64 main Mario
Other SSB64
Fox, Kirby, Link
Skill Other I can wavedash a bit and I can maintain positive points in Giant Melee at 2.0 ratio, SDs set to -2, friendly fire on, with level 9 teammate, against level 9s, with items on very high on (Bob-ombs, Motion-Sensors Bombs, Freezies, Green Shells, Red Shells, Warpstars, Super Mushrooms, Screw Attacks, and Party Balls), and on a gimmicky stage, so that counts for something, I guess? :D
Additional info
Location Los Angeles, California United States

Dump where the Wario goes.


Anyway, I'm Green Mario. I'm 21 years old and I'm a regular user of MarioWiki, going by the name of Mario. No, really, that's my username. Although I signed up years ago, I'm inexperienced when it comes to policy because I have other stuff to do, but I am an experienced wiki editor. I have played all Super Smash Bros. games. Although I am not a competitive player, I think I have a good grasp on the game mechanics on the games.

User profile

  • Real name: Emilie
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: female
  • Heritage: American, but with a French mother and Chinese father.
  • Residence: State of California
  • Favorite character: Mario
  • Least favorite character: Yoshi
  • Siblings: identical twin sister, older brother
  • Hand preference: left
  • English linguistic capabilities: none
  • Professional Wario Killer: Yes
  • Political viewpoints: left, as in modern liberal
  • Interests: birds, drawings, video games. Is that a yellow-rumped warbler in your backyard?
  • Pet: cockatiel
  • Attention span: limited
  • Sexual orientation: asexual

User trashes

Green Mario
Dispute Handling 82%    
Smash Skill 74%    
Smash Knowledge 66%    
Spelling/Grammar 97%    
Typing Speed 54%    
Wikipresence 2%    
Wikiskill 87%    
Basic Attributes
Icy Head This user cannot use Flame attacks.
Mr. Vulcan This user's Logic attacks deal 33% more damage.
Photographer This user can upload screenshots.
Polygon Team This user can create 3D imagery.
Rasterizer This user can create .png images.
Respectability This user cannot use Troll attacks.
Other Attributes
Oil heart This user is sensitive to flames and trolls.
D'oh I missed This user tends to make mistakes. A lot.
Sweet popsicles This user is forgiving.
Nyaaaaahhh This user is a professional Wario killer.
Melee Fanbrat This user likes Melee way more than she likes Brawl.
Grammar Nazi This user is often anal about grammar.


Responsible for KOing Ganondorf 11,000+ times in Melee while the second-most KOer has 8,000 total KOs.

They are in that particular order. In case it isn't obvious to you, Mario is my favorite character.

Super Smash Bros.

  • Mario -I'm most comfortable with him. Lack of reliable aerial finishers and range really gets him, though. Great at gimping, though!
  • Fox -Great character. Fast and strong with better jumping and air speed than Mario. His recovery isn't that great, though, and his AAA combo is bleh.
  • Kirby -Awesome. Too bad the sucky version in Melee has a better u-air.
  • Link -Horrible recovery and bad vertical-sending attacks. I love his bombs, though.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

  • Mario -Same problems, but with worse recovery! Not really; has a good cape move and f-air is a mixed bag. The f-air from Super Smash Bros. is good, but it's always nice to have a reliable meteor smash.
  • Dr. Mario -Better than Mario in nearly every way.... except for his cape and n-air. F-air is also that reliable aerial finisher I've always wanted.
  • Link -Strong character. Love his d-air, u-air, and his up and down tilts. Slow, though, and his recovery sucks.
  • Fox -Wow! So great! So fast, yet so strong! <3 He falls like a rock on Jupiter, though. His AAA combo sucks too.
  • Kirby -Bad, but I still use him. So many sour spots, and his hammer is unwieldy. His only good aerial is b-air.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • Mario -The gold standard of ****. Short range, sucky (although better) recovery, no aerial finishers, useless FLUDD, more limited tornado, stale moves severely weaken him... I guess his b-air is good? Almost anyone can KO better than him.

I don't use a whole lot of other characters in Brawl because I have... BRAWL MINUS!! Instead.

Brawl Minus

  • Mario -For some reason, trying to combo out of Mario's dash attack sets him into T-pose. Oh yes! Mario's main crutch is that he can become metal after using side-taunt. His d-air can be interrupted by another move any time. Oh, and his footstool jump is a strong meteor smash! His FLUDD, although fully charged, can be aimed, and it draws opponents in so Mario can smash them in the face! He can also perform a double b-up, which is really needed because his recovery sucked in vanilla Brawl.
  • Link -He's so strong and his d-air is basically an instant L-cancel. Great! Not only that, but his arrows move as quickly as arrows should, and they can burn, electrocute, or freeze in impact. Link also has an amazing item-throw speed, and his Gale Boomerang goes far. Link has gotten a major buff, and that's what he needs. Badly.

My totally unbiased, objective, peer-reviewed, and 100% PROVEN tier list

Disclaimer: I believe and accept tier lists, but I don't necessarily :like: them.

Q ¿ :D
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
GanondorfIcon(SSBM).png DonkeyKongIcon(SSBM).png ZeldaSheikIcon(SSBM).png CaptainFalconIcon(SSBM).png SamusIcon(SSBM).png LuigiIcon(SSBM).png MarthIcon(SSBM).png IceClimbersIcon(SSBM).png FalcoIcon(SSBM).png MarioIcon(SSBM).png NessIcon(SSBM).png DrMarioIcon(SSBM).png LinkIcon(SSBM).png
π @ The trash bin
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
FoxIcon(SSBM).png KirbyIcon(SSBM).png YoungLinkIcon(SSBM).png PeachIcon(SSBM).png RoyIcon(SSBM).png MrGame&WatchIcon(SSBM).png BowserIcon(SSBM).png JigglypuffIcon(SSBM).png MewtwoIcon(SSBM).png YoshiIcon(SSBM).png PikachuIcon(SSBM).png PichuIcon(SSBM).png


Giant Melee with 2.0 ratio and explosives on is the only "true" way to play the game (as many studies show). All these comments assume the characters are in Giant mode.

Q Tier
What? Are you saying main characters can't be unlockable? Why, get out and play some Mario Golf for the Game Boy Color before you make those absurd statements.
  1. Ganondorf: He is the MAIN character of this game. He deserves top spot, in the godly Q tier, because the CPU chooses him so often, it's impossible for me to play this game without seeing him. He also makes a stupid sound when he dies in Giant Melee, both as a star and by the old fashioned way. His home stage is Yoshi Story, but he can be fought nearly anywhere. Smashers are incredibly jealous of him, so he dies a hero again and again.
  2. DK: Can't make Ganon top tier without including his repulsive buddy. The two look great together, and this Takashi Nagasako guy voices both of them at one point. That gives Donkey Kong bonus points! His home stage is Brinstar.

♥ Tier
You know when you're a manly badass if you get -110 points in a match.
  1. Shiek and Zelda: Zelda sounds fat when she screams, and Shiek sounds like a guy. Case closed. Her favorite location is Corneria.
  2. Craptain Failcone: The Craptain is the self-destruct king, reigning supreme for more than 10 years straight! His SD potential really shines when you face him in Yoshi's Island.
  3. Samus: It follows wherever the Craptain goes. As a result, it is highly ranked. Despite this, it can never quite achieve the Craptain's gold SD standard.

¿ Tier
  1. Luigi: His maniacal cracking-up every time he gets Star KO'd guarantees at least a middle slot in the ¿ tier. Once you factor his hilariously devoid understanding of the concept of recovery moves, this guy really kills of laughter. You will often see him laughing in N64 Kongo Jungle.
  2. Mart. H: Often seen tussling en garde with DK and Yoshi in Mute City, Marth's stupid-looking cape gives him bonus points, but it's really his tiara that make people think, "Oh, boy." Or, "Oh, girl."
  3. Ice Climbers: They're not so high because they made a stupid decision: choose their homeplace as Venom. It's stupid because they're wearing totally inappropriate clothing. Not to mention, they are fond of voice glitches; when Nana dies shortly after Popo is turning into a star, Popo's voice gets cut off. All. The. Time. They're also really fond of stepping on motion-sensor bombs.
  4. Foolco: The only reason he's at the bottom of the self-explanatory ¿ Tier is that he's a bird with anatomically incorrect body parts. Birds don't use their feathers as fingers! It's like using your hair as tentacles. And how is Foolco going to preen himself with clothes on? This is one sad little birdie. At least he has a cool nickname I gave for him and he really likes to die a lot at Pokémon Stadium.

:D Tier
Shrraaaaaaa isn't a battle cry. It's Linkish for "Shrraaaaaa-kiss my EDGEGUARD! Bwahahahaha-aaaaaah!
  1. Mario has his strengths, but he's at the top of the shamelessly ridiculous :D Tier for a few reasons. First, he often goes after Ganondorf and DK out of jealousy, which is WHY he isn't at the top. The reason he isn't at the bottom either is that he has a really dopey die noise and that he has a clone of himself that adds a bit of variety, but you want to hear that dopey death noise still. Termina Bay is his place of choice.
  2. Ness: I feel so bad for him that he's near the bottom of the "official" tier list in all three games, so I decided to make him feel better about himself. He really needs to remove that baseball cap because it doesn't help him hit home-run on this out-of-the-ballpark tier list. Also, what the heck is a "PK Cross"? I searched this wiki up and down and I found no results.
  3. Derr Mario: Derr Mario has all the stupid bellows of Mario, but since he's just a stupid clone, I'll just put him below the PSI boy (who knew Ness is so keen on pressure units?). One thing for sure, he's a well-known quack. Don't trust his phony Ph.D; remember, it's the same sweaty dude that wanders around in your local sewers touching rusty pipes.
  4. Link: No matter what Link does, Link will never be at the top. His shockingly disgusting lack of persuasive diplomatic skills is the most to blame. His eloquent diction will leave you begging for subtitles for every next movie you'll be seeing. He lives in Fourside, which gives him cool points, and he can one-shot Ganondorf at a tennis match. The result? Smack in the middle.

π Tier
He's not a boy. He's just a manchild that really loves his own name. Plus... tell him that making the base of his sword the strongest part is incredibly stupid.
  1. Fox: WHAT!? That would be Fox's reaction to his placement in the tasteless π Tier. It's simple. Earth canines can't pilot planes in outer space! That's ridiculous! And Fox never ever resorts to biting, even though we all know that a dog's bite really hurt. He's a favorite of competitive players, so I guess I'll just put him in the middle.
  2. Kirby: He sucks. Everyone mistakes him for a marshmallow or a cake pop, so he dies so often. He would be in the bottom if he didn't sound like Popo dying from a motion-sensor bomb.
  3. Young Link: One word: DANGEROUS. He's a high-risk, high-reward character. Young Link is desperate to up the ante, so he tries to detonate every Bob-omb, but it usually misfires. Young Link really loves Jungle Japes because it's a testing ground for Young Link's hobbies.
  4. Princess Peach: She really loves Final Destination. She also really loves to get burnt. And she loves, most of all, to make poor decisions! A dress? High heels? Untied hair? An explosive butt? Planting turnips all over the dang place? Gee, she really is the definition of "dumb blonde" after all.
  5. Roy: At the bottom of the sugar-coated, utterly fruitless π Tier, Roy is our boy. Although he speaks only Japanese, he screams his own name when he is Star KO'd. Often seen with looni-gi...ahem, Luigi.

¶ Tier
For some reason, this flat guy's icon shows his entire body. That makes no sense, especially when Brawl makes it just his head. What's so appealing about Mr. Game & Watch's whole body?
  1. Mr. Game & Watch: The 2D dude prefers to have a low-profile in his homestage, Battlefield. He super slow and extremely light, but since Battlefield has such limited entry (there needs to be at least two Mr. Game & Watches at any given time), it's a hint that he's better than I think.
  2. Bowser: Big, fat, punching bag isn't as bad as those things below him, but he has nothing going for him. He gets a chortle or two after killing Donkey Kong, the other big, fat, punching bag, but everyone else beats him up. Even Kirby.

@ Tier
A lizard... reptilian... thing... with telekinesis? Ha, just wait until James Randi gets his hands on you.
  1. Jigglypuff isn't that bad, but it's a POKÉMON. I choose to discriminate Pokémon because all it does it print money and more money and it's so horribly unbalanced. But it's mostly moneymoneymoney; at least Mario has violent soccer games and friendship-dissolving party games. The only good thing Pokémon has are its mainstream titles. Which means it's boring and money. But I won't rant any more about No'kay-mon.
  2. Mewtwo: This legendary pile of suck just shows how much Pokémon reeks (of money). If one of the best LEGENDARY Pokémon does so horribly against an average fighter, I wonder how NONLEGENDARY Pokays will do? Mewtwo is bad, but at least it's hilariously bad.

The Trash Bin Tier
Good thing it's emitting its gurgling screech while its back is turned. You don't want to hear it.
  1. Yoshi: This vile repugnant lizard gets no cute points. Just look at its eyes! Yeesh. And its hands! Its voice doesn't help at all; its squealing and squeaking is going to give you headaches, so it's very unpopular among fighters. It's also a considered a popular sport to torture it, although fighters are reluctant to kill it because according to various science experiments, it's both vile in the outside and inside. Getting salmonella isn't cool.
  2. Pikachu: This filthy electric sewer rat almost scampered out of the garbage bin, but the light blinded its oil-slick eyes, so it remained there. It's the mascot of the money machine, so everyone will almost always use cyanide-filled Pokébread in hopes of luring this yellow abomination to its eventual doom.
  3. Pichu: If Pikachu is a sewer rat, this despicable excuse for a living being is the scum that feeds off whatever horrible thing the rat leaves out. It has a repulsive shriek, very weak everything, and it gets more attention than it deserves. It's the bottom of the filth basket.