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The undead glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. 4 that allows Giga Bowser, Wario-Man, Giga Mac, Mega Charizard X, or Mega Lucario to survive after being defeated in Stamina mode.

When this occurs, if Giga Bowser, Giga Mac, Mega Charizard X, or Mega Lucario's HP is depleted, their stamina gets reduced to 0 HP (zero hit points). Then they are able to continue to fight; despite having "0 HP" displayed. Being touched by any hitbox even if it deals no damage (a Banana Peel, F.L.U.D.D. from Mario, or Water Gun from Squirtle) or hit by a status move (such as being put asleep or using recovery items which normally recover HP like Food) gets the character KO'd. A 0 HP Giga Bowser, Giga Mac, Mega Charizard X, or Mega Lucario can freely get another Smash Ball to trigger the glitch again.

With the exception of Wario in Brawl, an undead character can win a stamina match if they remain untouched (with 0 HP) as described above. Upon triggering the glitch with Wario in Brawl, he loses his damage meter, and is therefore counted as having been KO'd. The match ends upon only one player's damage meter remaining, meaning that two fighters — the winning character and the 'undead' Wario — may be playable as the match ends.

With the removal of controllable transformation Final Smashes in Ultimate, the undead glitch does not occur in the game.

Characters that can induce the glitch[edit]


  • Use of a Superspicy Curry will result in the character eating it but without the usual effects.


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