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Tournament:MLG Chicago 2006

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MLG Chicago 2006
Dates July 21st-22nd, 2006
Venue Pheasant Run Resort & Spa
Address/City 4051 East Main Street
St. Charles, Illinois USA
Attendance 184+
Pot size(s) Singles: $5,275
Doubles: $5,275
Super Smash Bros. Melee winners USA Ken 1v1
USA Chillin & USA Azen 2v2
Director(s) Major League Gaming

MLG Chicago 2006 was a Super Smash Bros. Melee national tournament held by Major League Gaming in St. Charles, Illinois, during July 21st-22nd, 2006. It was the fourth tournament in the MLG 2006 circuit.

This tournament is best known for its doubles bracket where Azen and Chillin defeated Ken and Isai in grand finals. This was the first tournament Ken and Isai entered together where they failed to finish 1st, the loss ended their streak of consecutive victories in doubles at 21.



(184 entrants)

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st USA Ken MarthHeadSSBM.png $2,000
2nd USA ChuDat IceClimbersHeadSSBM.png $1,200
3rd USA Mew2King FoxHeadSSBM.png $800
4th USA Azen MarthHeadSSBM.png $500
5th USA PC Chris FalcoHeadSSBM.pngFoxHeadSSBM.png $300
6th USA Chillin FoxHeadSSBM.pngMarthHeadSSBM.png $200
7th USA KoreanDJ SheikHeadSSBM.png $150
8th USA Isai CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png $125
9th USA Dope FalcoHeadSSBM.png
9th USA Tink MarthHeadSSBM.png
9th USA Bushman GanondorfHeadSSBM.png
9th USA Wife PeachHeadSSBM.png
13th Canada The King JigglypuffHeadSSBM.png
13th USA HugS SamusHeadSSBM.png
13th USA Zanguzen FalcoHeadSSBM.png
13th USA Eddie GanondorfHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Darkrain CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Kaiser GL FoxHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Husband MarthHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Rob$ FalcoHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Caveman DrMarioHeadSSBM.pngYoungLinkHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Manacloud SheikHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Trail IceClimbersHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Mathos FalcoHeadSSBM.png
25th USA The_Doug PeachHeadSSBM.png
25th France Doraki FoxHeadSSBM.png
25th USA Tapion CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png
25th USA Dmac GanondorfHeadSSBM.png
25th USA KishPrime JigglypuffHeadSSBM.png
25th USA Jiano CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png
25th USA Zulu JigglypuffHeadSSBM.png
25th USA IK_GHOST FalcoHeadSSBM.png



Place Name Character(s) Name Character(s) Earnings
1st USA Chillin FoxHeadSSBM.png USA Azen MarthHeadSSBM.pngFalcoHeadSSBM.pngPeachHeadSSBM.png $2,000 ($1,000 each)
2nd USA Ken MarthHeadSSBM.png USA Isai SheikHeadSSBM.pngCaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png $1,200 ($600 each)
3rd USA Mew2King FoxHeadSSBM.png USA KoreanDJ SheikHeadSSBM.png $800 ($400 each)
4th USA Dope FalcoHeadSSBM.png USA Darkrain CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png $500 ($250 each)
5th USA PC Chris FoxHeadSSBM.png Canada The King JigglypuffHeadSSBM.png $300 ($150 each)
6th USA KishPrime JigglypuffHeadSSBM.png USA KishSquared FoxHeadSSBM.png $200 ($100 each)
7th USA The_Doug SheikHeadSSBM.png Sweden Helios FoxHeadSSBM.pngFalcoHeadSSBM.png $150 ($75 each)
8th USA Tink FoxHeadSSBM.png USA Iggy PeachHeadSSBM.png $125 ($62.50 each)
9th USA ChuDat IceClimbersHeadSSBM.png USA Manacloud SheikHeadSSBM.png
9th USA Chen FalcoHeadSSBM.pngFoxHeadSSBM.png USA NickB FoxHeadSSBM.pngMarthHeadSSBM.png
9th USA Caveman DrMarioHeadSSBM.png USA Rob$ FalcoHeadSSBM.png
9th USA Drephen SheikHeadSSBM.png USA Bushman GanondorfHeadSSBM.png
13th USA IK_GHOST FalcoHeadSSBM.png USA Zanguzen FalcoHeadSSBM.png
13th USA Straight YoshiHeadSSBM.png USA Hyuga JigglypuffHeadSSBM.png
13th USA Eddie GanondorfHeadSSBM.png USA HugS SamusHeadSSBM.png
13th USA Husband MarthHeadSSBM.png USA Wife PeachHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Mendoza SamusHeadSSBM.png USA Capt. Awesome GanondorfHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Dmac GanondorfHeadSSBM.png USA BigC PeachHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Tapion CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png USA Crashman SamusHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Mathos FalcoHeadSSBM.png USA Watty SamusHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Snap Pop FoxHeadSSBM.png USA Kaiser GL FoxHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Zee FoxHeadSSBM.png France Doraki FoxHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Leprechaun MarthHeadSSBM.png USA Zulu JigglypuffHeadSSBM.png
17th USA Capps FalcoHeadSSBM.png USA DoH PeachHeadSSBM.png
25th USA Trail IceClimbersHeadSSBM.png USA Jazzness FoxHeadSSBM.png
25th USA MangusBrew USA Bobuhujia
25th USA Neko USA Nooblube FoxHeadSSBM.png
25th USA ViperBoy FalcoHeadSSBM.png USA Ike
25th USA Big Nasty USA Big Nasty
25th USA Milk17 USA Ace
25th USA Jiano CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png USA Poejyle FoxHeadSSBM.png
25th USA Jesi USA Z

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