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Wife "War and Peach"
Wife SSB.png
Character info
Melee main Peach
Other Melee characters Ganondorf, Fox
Team info
Crew(s) Team Ben
Personal and other info
Real name Christopher Fabiszak
Birth date (age 38)
Location Arlington, Virginia United States

Wife is an American Melee player and commentator from Arlington, Virginia who mains Peach. He is one of the two remaining members of Team Ben (along with his friend Husband), one of the premier crews in Maryland in the Golden Age.

He has been competing since January 2004, originally playing Ganondorf, before he made the switch to Peach, and was considered a top Peach player during the Golden Age, as well as one of the top 20 players in the United States. Fitting for their gamertags, he also teamed up with Husband at tournaments, their team being called The Newlyweds. Wife's playstyle employs a blend of the great Peaches before him, Mike G and KrazyJones, and he has a generally solid style of play. He was also probably most famous for his prowess on the matchup against Marth, often being called a "Marth-slayer". He humorously boasted that "no Marth, under any circumstance, would ever pose a threat to him"; despite Marth naturally countering Peach, he has an absurd amount of practice against Husband's Marth. Of the few Marth players to win a set against Wife, Ken is the most prominent.

While Wife largely retired by the end of the Golden Age from competitive play, he has been more prolific with his commentary than his playing in recent years, and he is widely regarded as one of the greatest Smash commentators, with him and Husband having commentated events such as EVO 2015, Apex 2015 and Pound 2016.


Before picking up Peach, Wife originally played Ganondorf. His first tournament was Live Or Die in the Fall of 2003, where he met the team H2YL. Instantly in love with the competitive atmosphere, Wife set out to become a top player. He debuted his Peach at Game Over in January of 2004, where he entered teams but not singles. Soon after, Wife began traveling around the country to every tournament he could, eventually making over a thousand dollars in 2005.

By 2006 Wife had earned himself a spot as one of the best Peaches in the country, and he began competing heavily at Major League Gaming tournaments. He was invited to the playoffs, where he placed 10th overall.

Although no longer competing, Wife still remains as an active member of the Smash scene providing his signature commentary for large tournaments such as GENESIS, Pound 4, Pound V, and MLG Anaheim 2014, EVO 2015, Apex 2015 and Pound 2016. Wife was also a prominent figure in The Smash Brothers, appearing in an interview in every episode.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Game Over January 10th, 2004 13th Husband
MELEE-FC1 July 9th-10th, 2004 33rd
Gettin' Schooled October 14th, 2004 8th 7th Husband
MOAST 3 January 15th-16th, 2005 13th 4th Husband
BOMB 3 March 9th, 2005 4th
Gettin' Schooled 2 June 25th-26th, 2005 17th 15th Husband
BOMB 4 November 12th, 2005 5th 3rd Husband
MLG Atlanta 2005 November 25th-27th, 2005 7th 2nd Husband
MLG New York 2005 February 25th-26th, 2006 17th 7th Husband
Pound January 28th, 2006 5th 4th Husband
MLG New York Opener 2006 April 21st-23rd, 2006 13th 4th Husband
MLG Dallas 2006 May 19th-20th, 2006 9th 5th Husband
MLG Anaheim 2006 June 23rd-24th, 2006 17th 6th Husband
MELEE-FC6 July 13th-15th, 2006 17th
MLG Chicago 2006 July 21st-22nd, 2006 9th 13th Husband
MLG Orlando 2006 August 25th-26th, 2006 17th 4th Husband
MLG New York Playoffs 2006 October 13th-14th, 2006 10th 8th Husband
MLG Las Vegas 2006 November 18th-19th, 2006 4th Husband
EGL DC January 20th, 2007 5th 1st Husband
ChuDat Birthday Biweekly January 27th, 2007 3rd Husband
C3 Smash Battle February 3rd, 2007 4th 7th Husband
Cataclysm 3 March 3rd-4th, 2007 9th 4th Husband
Show Me Your Moves 7 March 24th, 2007 8th 4th Husband
UMBC II April 7th, 2007 1st 1st Husband
MLG Long Island 2007 May 5th-6th, 2007 3rd Husband
Pound 2 June 16th-17th, 2007 13th 17th Husband
C3 Smash Attack September 22nd, 2007 17th 7th Husband
UMBC Tournament V September 29th, 2007 1st Husband
Viva La Smashtaclysm November 10th-11th, 2007 17th 9th Husband
Pound 3 February 2nd-3rd, 2008 57th 25th Husband
Smashpocalypse V March 22nd, 2008 7th 2nd Plank
TGMTSBCO June 7th-8th, 2008 2nd Plank
Smashtality IV August 16th-17th, 2008 5th 1st Mew2King
Event 52: Kansas October 18th-19th, 2008 5th 2nd Darkrain
Revival of Melee March 7th-8th, 2009 17th 13th Scar
Shell Shocked XII February 11th, 2012 7th 4th Husband
The Big House 3 October 12th-13th, 2013 17th 13th Nintendude
Revival of Melee 7 March 8th-9th, 2014 25th 13th Nintendude
Fight Pitt IV April 19th, 2014 13th 25th Silence
Smash @ Clarendon April 25th, 2014 33rd
Smash @ Clarendon May 23rd, 2014 17th
Carroll Fest 5 August 16th, 2014 13th 9th Silence
Battle Arena Melbourne 7 May 22nd-24th, 2015 13th Redact
Pound 2016 April 2nd-3rd, 2016 25th Husband
Smash the Record 2016 November 11th-14th, 2016 65th 13th Silence
The Big House 7 October 6th-8th, 2017 129th 65th Husband
Full Bloom 4 March 24th-25th, 2018 65th 25th surf's up. hail satan
Get On My Level 2018 May 18th-20th, 2018 129th 25th Husband
Almost Heaven September 29th, 2018 3rd Husband
The Big House 8 October 5th-7th, 2018 193rd 33rd PGH Carroll
The Big House 9 October 4th-6th, 2019 257th 33rd surfs up. hail satan
Fall Fracas November 9th, 2019 13th 1st Husband
East Coast Fridays #165Online June 18th, 2021 7th

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