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South Korea is a newly blooming scene that began to see rapid growth upon the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The first Smash Ultimate and Melee Power Rankings were released in May of 2019, with Smash Ultimate being headed by JJROCKETS, currently residing in the country. The return of Tanark to South Korea and the new wave of online warriors attending offline tournaments is causing rapid growth of the scene in both size and skill level. Current rankings for both Ultimate and Melee can be found on the South Korean Power Rankings page.


The majority of the scene is based in the Seoul/Gyeonggi-do area, but with recent expansion into Daegu in Ultimate. Tournaments mostly consist of monthlies run on each weekend. Current consistent monthlies include:


  • Seoul Smash at Retro Game Bar in Hongdae, Seoul (every 2nd Saturday of the month)
  • Liquor Burger Monthly at Liquor Burger in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon (every 3rd Saturday of the month)
  • Blackout at Blackmarket in Itaewon, Seoul (every 4th Saturday of the month)
  • The Daegu bimonthly at Etoh's in Daegu
  • South Korea's recognition in the Smash community gained a boost with Uprising 2019, where many top players, most notably MkLeo, participated, giving South Korea its first PGR-ranked tournament.


  • Blackout at Blackmarket in Itaewon, Seoul (every 4th Saturday of the month)

Finding the Scene[edit]

Korea has one of the most welcoming scene out there, with a mix of both Koreans and foreigns all being very active. Here are the best ways to connect to the scene: