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Tournament:Snosa II

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Snosa II
Snosa II Logo.jpg
Dates June 18th-19th, 2016
Venue No Future Cafe
Address/City 1500 E Walnut St
Pasadena, CA USA
Attendance 108
Entry fees $10 venue
$10 singles
$10 per team
$2 minimum singles YOLO
Pot size(s) TBD for singles and doubles
$0 for amateur singles and doubles
$20 YOLO
Super Smash Bros. winners Canada SuPeRbOoMfAn 1v1
Canada SuPeRbOoMfAn & Mexico JaimeHR 2v2
USA Shihman 1v1 amateur
USA P21/C & USA NattyBroh 2v2 amateur
USA Kimimaru 1v1 YOLO
Organizer(s) Team LAS , Wookiee, Shears and SotoH

Snosa II also known as Snosa 2016 is a Smash 64 only tournament that originally came from Smash of Ages 2015. Many majors for Smash 64 began appearing in tournaments such as GENESIS 3, Super Smash Con 2016, Get On My Level 2016, Shine 2016, and Hitstun 3 being an only Smash 64 tournament being played in the US. With the current trend and the many 64 major tournaments beginning to appear recently, 2016 has been called by some the "year of 64".[1] The tournament featured many well known top level players such as Isai, SuPeRbOoMfAn, Mariguas, Dext3r, tacos, and JaimeHR.[2] Apex 2016 was also scheduled during the same weekend which may have caused conflicting schedules for many smashers such as Fireblaster, Stranded, and Cobr. The venue also featured a YOLO tournament where a Random character selection, character locked throughout the tournament. Random stage. Items on high. One stock. Single Elimination. There is a $2 minimum entry for the YOLO tournament to provide for donations going towards the SSC international player fund which will support overseas player expense to travel and compete at Super Smash Con 2016. An amateur bracket was also created for those who were eliminated from pools after entering singles or doubles with no earnings after placing in the tournament. A fantasy smash was also promoted with prizes of clothes for the picking the best draft team during the tournament. The tournament was held with a 100 player cap limit, 5 Stocks, 8 Minute Time Limit, with the only legal stage being Dream Land.


Super Smash Bros. singles[edit]

Snosa II singles winner from left to right: tacos - 2nd, SuPeRbOoMfAn - 1st, Isai - 3rd.

(96 entrants)
Top 32 Bracket

Place Name Characters Earnings
1st Canada SuPeRbOoMfAn PikachuHeadSSB.pngCaptainFalconHeadSSB.pngKirbyHeadSSB.png
2nd USA tacos YoshiHeadSSB.pngCaptainFalconHeadSSB.pngPikachuHeadSSB.pngKirbyHeadSSB.pngDonkeyKongHeadSSB.pngJigglypuffHeadSSB.png
3rd USA Isai LinkHeadSSB.pngYoshiHeadSSB.pngSamusHeadSSB.png
4th Mexico Mariguas PikachuHeadSSB.pngCaptainFalconHeadSSB.pngKirbyHeadSSB.png
5th USA KeroKeroppi PikachuHeadSSB.pngKirbyHeadSSB.pngCaptainFalconHeadSSB.png
5th Mexico Dext3r PikachuHeadSSB.png
7th Mexico JaimeHR SamusHeadSSB.pngCaptainFalconHeadSSB.pngMarioHeadSSB.png
7th USA BarkSanchez PikachuHeadSSB.png
9th USA Heropie PikachuHeadSSB.pngFoxHeadSSB.png
9th USA Kimimaru MarioHeadSSB.png
9th USA SotoH KirbyHeadSSB.png
9th USA Near PikachuHeadSSB.pngFoxHeadSSB.pngLuigiHeadSSB.pngCaptainFalconHeadSSB.pngMarioHeadSSB.png

Super Smash Bros. doubles[edit]

Snosa II doubles winner from left to right: Isai and KeroKeroppi - 3rd, SuPeRbOoMfAn and JaimeHR - 1st, Mariguas and Dext3r - 2nd.

(32 entrants)
Top 16 Bracket

Place Name Characters Name Characters Earnings
1st Canada SuPeRbOoMfAn PikachuHeadSSB.png Mexico JaimeHR KirbyHeadSSB.pngMarioHeadSSB.png
2nd Mexico Mariguas PikachuHeadSSB.pngKirbyHeadSSB.png Mexico Dext3r PikachuHeadSSB.png
3rd USA Isai PikachuHeadSSB.pngMarioHeadSSB.pngSamusHeadSSB.png USA KeroKeroppi PikachuHeadSSB.pngKirbyHeadSSB.png
4th USA tacos PikachuHeadSSB.pngKirbyHeadSSB.png USA Jimmy Joe PikachuHeadSSB.pngKirbyHeadSSB.png
5th USA Darkhorse KirbyHeadSSB.png USA BarkSanchez PikachuHeadSSB.png
6th USA Heropie PikachuHeadSSB.png USA Near PikachuHeadSSB.pngLuigiHeadSSB.png
7th USA SotoH PikachuHeadSSB.pngSamusHeadSSB.png USA Wookiee PikachuHeadSSB.png
7th USA Shihman LuigiHeadSSB.png USA Kimimaru MarioHeadSSB.png
9th USA Madrush21 PikachuHeadSSB.png USA eggmode PikachuHeadSSB.png
9th USA Janitor PikachuHeadSSB.pngKirbyHeadSSB.png USA Onski PikachuHeadSSB.png
9th USA Freean PikachuHeadSSB.png USA dUbs PikachuHeadSSB.png
9th USA Shears LuigiHeadSSB.png USA Tmakk MarioHeadSSB.png

Super Smash Bros. singles amateur[edit]

(64 entrants from the original 96 singles entrants)
Amateur Bracket

Place Name Characters Earnings
1st USA Shihman CaptainFalconHeadSSB.png
2nd USA NattyBroh CaptainFalconHeadSSB.pngYoshiHeadSSB.png
3rd USA P21/C KirbyHeadSSB.pngLinkHeadSSB.png
4th USA Handles
5th USA duncs
5th USA Smurf
7th USA Starchild
7th USA Dusttin
9th USA Daniels
9th USA Boomalready1
9th USA Kingcool
9th USA Lloyd-Black

Super Smash Bros. doubles amateur[edit]

(16 entrants from the original 32 doubles entrants)
Amateur Bracket

Place Name Name Earnings
1st USA P21/C USA NattyBroh
2nd USA K-Nut USA Taiko
3rd USA Multiball USA Mortech
4th USA SonicFuzz USA Aces
5th USA Handles USA Rhubarb
5th USA Scaryman USA Ryhomiusmaximus
7th USA Jimbot USA Spaff
7th USA Lloyd-Black USA Seantos
9th USA Daniels USA Dusttin
9th USA Blackf00t USA Blanco Mano
9th USA GodSpeed USA EliteScoringGuy
9th USA Boogie! USA Pettanko-Senpai

Super Smash Bros. singles YOLO[edit]

(82 singles entrants)
Yolo Bracket

Place Name Characters Earnings
1st USA Kimimaru MarioHeadSSB.png $20
2nd Mexico Mariguas DonkeyKongHeadSSB.png
3rd USA Nalgas CaptainFalconHeadSSB.png
3rd Canada SuPeRbOoMfAn CaptainFalconHeadSSB.png
5th USA Paco CaptainFalconHeadSSB.png
5th USA Near KirbyHeadSSB.png
5th USA Shihman CaptainFalconHeadSSB.png
5th USA jlo

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