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"Mint" redirects here. For the Irish smasher, see Smasher:MINT.
For the Utah smasher, see Smasher:Mint (Utah).
Mint "HekNet"
Character info
Ultimate main Dark Pit
Other Ultimate characters Lucina, Captain Falcon
Retired Ultimate characters Wii Fit Trainer, Ridley
Rankings and results info
Most recent ranking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Swedish Power Rankings: 11th
Personal and other info
Real name Andreas von Herff
Location Stockholm, Stockholms Län Sweden

Mint is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dark Pit player from Sweden. He is currently ranked 4th on the Stockholm Power Rankings and 11th on the Swedish Power Rankings. He has defeated players such as iStudying, Juli, Rage, Supahsemmie, and ThymeBalloon. Mint was regarded as one of the best Wii Fit Trainer players in Europe before switching to Dark Pit.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Valhalla II January 3rd, 2019 9th 17th Dante
Ultimate Singles Kristineberg 2 January 19th, 2019 17th
Ultimate Singles Kristineberg 3 January 27th, 2019 1st
Ultimate Singles Kristineberg 4 February 2nd, 2019 1st
Ultimate Singles Kristineberg 5 February 10th, 2019 3rd
Ultimate Singles Kristineberg 6 February 16th, 2019 2nd
Ultimate Singles Kristineberg 7 March 2nd, 2019 4th
Ultimate Singles Kristineberg 12 April 7th, 2019 3rd
Ultimate Singles Kristineberg 13 April 27th, 2019 2nd
SwedenPhaceOff June 2nd, 2019 13th 5th Mr Green
Bifrost III - Sessrumnir September 20th-22nd, 2019 3rd 7th Mr Green
Stockholm Shieldbreakers Monthly 1 October 25th-26th, 2019 3rd
DreamHack Winter 2019 November 29th-December 2nd, 2019 25th
Valhalla III January 9th, 2020 65th 33rd Neo
Stockholm Shieldbreakers Monthly #4 January 26th, 2020 3rd
Stockholm Shieldbreakers Monthly #5 February 29th, 2020 3rd
Pound OnlineOnline April 24th-26th, 2020 257th
Red Bull Front Runners Online - Final ChampionshipOnline September 6th, 2020 7th
Midgard 2022 September 16th-18th, 2022 33rd
Smashborg Winter Seasonal 2024 January 12th-14th, 2024 13th / 223

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]