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Meta Knight (SSBB)/Final Smash

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Meta Knight's Final Smash in Brawl is Galaxia Darkness. This move involves shrouding an opponent in Meta Knight's cape, darkening the stage until it is completely black. Then, Meta Knight slashes the opponent, sending him or her flying. Sometimes, multiple opponents are hurt by the attack at once. The attack deals 40% to trapped opponents and can kill around 50%. It can also hit other opponents who are not trapped where it deals 18% and much weaker vertical knockback. It also effects teammates even with friendly fire off and it ignores super armor.

Galaxia Darkness slows down time upon activating making it come out very fast for a Final Smash. Because of this, Meta Knight has various ways to combo into Galaxia Darkness. Meta Knight can perform a footstool and then immediately perform Galaxia Darkness which works on the entire cast at all percents. Meta Knight can also perform an aerial grab release into Galaxia Darkness on some characters (including himself) and it even works with a grounded grab release against Ness and Lucas with Lucas also being vulnerable to it from an aerial grab release.

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