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Kirby (SSB4)/Forward throw

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Hitbox visualization showing Kirby's forward throw.


Kirby flips, then piledrives the opponent. Based on the Suplex ability's Pile Driver from Kirby Super Star. As of update 1.1.0, it is a very useful combo throw, leading into either forward air, forward air re-grab, up air, or a combination of them depending on the damage of the opponent and rage. At the upper limit of the combo potential, which is around 60-80%, a jump may be needed to follow up.

Update history

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.0

  • Nerf Damage: 7% → 5%.
  • Buff Launching trajectory altered and its ending lag decreased by 3 frames, improving its combo potential.
  • Buff KOs 24% earlier.


Hitbox type Damage Angle Base knockback Knockback scaling Fixed knockback value Weight dependent Effect SFX level
Throw 5% 75° 40 125 No Normal Small

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