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Ink Tank

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Inkling manually refilling her Ink Tank, as shown in the Move List.

The Ink Tank is one of Inkling's fighter abilities.


The Ink Tank is shown next to Inkling's damage meter, in a color matching her current ink color (which is in turn determined by her costume). It holds 150 units of ammunition, which are consumed in varying amounts by various attacks. In particular, the line on the Ink Tank, which is at 20% or 1/5 of ink capacity, shows how much ink will be expended by throwing a Splat Bomb. If Inkling does not have enough ink for a move, it will deal less damage and knockback, and certain moves will have no effect at all.

The ink tank can be gradually replenished at any time by holding the special button while shielding, or when the ink tank is completely empty, via neutral special or down special. The ink tank is also fully restored when Inkling is KO'd.

Kirby gains an Ink Tank of his own upon inhaling Inkling, but cannot refill it by holding the special button while shielding. If his Ink Tank runs out of ink, he loses the Copy Ability automatically. His ink - and therefore Ink Tank - will be the first ink color not used by another Inkling or Kirby.

Ink cost[edit]

Character Move Ink cost Effect with no ink
Inkling Neutral infinite 2 (per hit) Without ink, the gun stops firing ink, and thus the infinite and finisher will have no hitboxes at all, and therefore deal no damage or knockback.
Forward smash 10 Does significantly lower damage and knockback and applies no ink, but still features ink splatter effects. Up smash has less range.
Up smash 30
Down smash 20
Forward throw 10 Without ink, the Splattershot's hitbox is removed, and thus the throw deals less damage and will not cover opponents in ink.
Splattershot 1.5 (per hit) Splattershot's damage output and range will gradually decrease once it passes the line of the ink tank. Without ink, it will not fire any streams of ink. Pressing the special button once this happens will cause Inkling to charge ink.
Splat Roller 45 (per second) Splat Roller will slowly lose speed once no ink remains, and is completely harmless if used with an empty tank. This will also cause her to walk forward slowly and dejectedly.
Splat Bomb 30 Splat Bomb cannot be thrown if Inkling has less ink than the line of the ink tank. If attempted, Inkling will quickly look back at the ink tank, giving opponents a chance to attack freely.
Kirby (Copy Ability) Splattershot (same as Inkling)


The Ink Tank is the Splatoon series' equivalent to the ammo mechanics seen in traditional shooters. It is emptied by firing main weapons and using sub weapons, and is refilled while being submerged in ink via the swim form.