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Checkmark.png This is a closed discussion about an accepted proposed change on SmashWiki. It remains for archival purposes.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in the last few months, online tournaments have seen a rise. Many top players have started to enter these tournaments, and several tournaments and series have been created for this occasion. There have been many tournaments full of both top players and Wi-Fi Warriors such as the tournaments in The Quarantine Series, and a majority of them have been documented on SmashWiki.

Most if not all offline tournaments within the next few months have either been cancelled or postponed, and with the lack of new updates on the game itself, the news section has remained quiet, with the last entry dating back over a month ago. With the rise in online play, it's up to debate whether online tournaments should be considered for the section.

The only problem with this is that -- aside from the obvious tournaments -- there currently isn't a clear boundary between major online tournaments and "regional" online tournaments. There have been tournaments such as WiFi is SS-Tier! that have a large entrant count but not many notable players, and there have been tournaments such as Ultimate Naifu Wars 9 that has less entrants but has more PGR players and Wi-Fi warriors. Before even considering adding online tournaments to the news section there should be an idea on what is considered a major and what is considered regional. I personally believe the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank should be used since it's similar to the Panda Global Rankings. The only problem is that it's pretty slow to update and the points for PGR entrants is the same as the points for those ranked 50th-31st on the WWR. However, it's still better than blindly sorting it out.

In summary, with how big the online tournament scene is now we should consider adding them to the news section, but only after we consider what should be added in the first place. Love suggestions for those first before thinking about the news section. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 22:47, May 3, 2020 (EDT)


  1. Support for reasons stated. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 08:38, May 4, 2020 (EDT)
  2. I already discussed this on Discord so I don't know if I'll miss anything, but I strongly support this. I believe we discussed considering some (possibly all) Naifu Wars, any major offline tournaments replaced by online tournaments (Pound, EVO, Final Saga, etc.), and the entirety of the Quarantine Series. I don't know much about the online scene before the pandemic, so the only tournament I can propose from before is the Soaked Series Invitiational, but I mostly agree with the idea of using the WWR as a foundation for what should and shouldn't be considered. P.S. In case anyone is wondering, my original reason for bringing this up was because The Box is currently the largest tournament in Smash history, so it seems silly not to determine a standard for what online tournaments are major and expand our efforts to document these results. KungFuLakitu, Spiny Overlord 23:44, May 3, 2020 (EDT)
  3. I strongly support including online tournaments in the news section. I feel like this should be pretty obvious considering the circumstances. As for which tournaments to include, I think we can use the WWR as a basis, but we should also take into consideration other factors such as pot size, amount of ranked players, and just total attendance after DQs. This would vary for each game however as online Melee, 64, and PM tournaments are significantly smaller in size than Ultimate tournaments, but they are still notable within their respective online communities nonetheless. Pokebub (talk) 04:49, May 4, 2020 (EDT)
  4. Support. There's not much I can add aside from what has already been mentioned. Despite my lack of interest in competitive play, I see no reason to not report online tournaments. The competitive scene is an important part in the Smash community, because of the rise in popularity in online tournaments it only makes sense for us to report them. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter
  5. Support. Online tournaments are also important in competitive play. Some of the largest tournaments in Smash history comes from online play. Not much else to say either. Grand Dad.png Naughty🐽GRAND DAD 自閉肥宅 NiceGrand.jpeg 09:06, May 4, 2020 (EDT)
  6. Support per reasons above. --King K. Rool SSBU.pngPlague von KarmaKing K. Rool SSBU.png 17:44, May 8, 2020 (EDT)
  7. Support. I feel that everyone before me has already said most of what needs to be said. If you ask me, even if COVID-19's implications on competitive Smash come to a close sooner than later, it's still given enough of a foundation for online play to continue growing and growing in prominence. We absolutely need to have a discussion about the notability/reporting of tournaments in general before we specify them for online tournaments... However, as ignorant of online tournaments as I am, I think it would be nice to eventually report the most "notable" ones here on Smashwiki. Acgamer28 03:24, May 13, 2020 (EDT)
  8. I Support this proposal as shown above despite the laggy online conection. S3AHAWKS3AHAWK Signature icon 1.pngS3AHAWK signature icon 2.png (talk) 19:45, May 17, 2020 (EDT)
  9. Support I hope it happens because its likely that there will be no offline tournaments for the rest of the year Thegameandwatch (talk) 21:07, May 17, 2020 (EDT)
  10. Support per Cookies and Cream 12:41, May 21, 2020 (EDT)



So I think this is pretty much set in stone, right? I think we should move forward with reporting online tournaments. Pokebub (talk) 19:50, May 17, 2020 (EDT)

Exactly, we already covered The Quarantine Series. S3AHAWKS3AHAWK Signature icon 1.pngS3AHAWK signature icon 2.png (talk) 20:05, May 17, 2020 (EDT)

We should decide what kinds of tournaments should be allowed on the news section, eg what should it be based off of. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 20:59, May 17, 2020 (EDT)

Game Acceptable tournaments
64 Case by case basis, but should be based on amount of notable players. Certain regional events in South America, US, or Japan would definitely be considered nationals.
Melee Any tournaments that feature a large amount of MPGR-ranked players from various regions. Regionals should not be counted here unless the regional in question is super stacked.
Brawl Pretty much just Return to Subspace lol
PM Same case as 64, minus the regional problems.
SSB4 Same case as Brawl, should there ever be any notable throwback tournament then we list it.
Ultimate Same case as Melee, except PGRU.
Online events In the case of online, it should follow roughly the same rules as whatever game is being hosted on it. For Ultimate specifically, I'd argue that we should only list tournaments with either a high attendance (by this point maybe like 300+? 600) or a large showing of PGRU or WWR players.
Other events Invitationals should only be listed if it includes players on a national level. Arcadians should also be listed if it reaches a notable amount of attendance. Pre/Post-major local tournaments should be included if notable enough.

Pokebub (talk) 21:13, May 17, 2020 (EDT) I think this is a pretty good outline for starters. Definitely should not be included in this form on any policy pages though. Pokebub (talk) 21:13, May 17, 2020 (EDT) Oh wow, I think thats a good selection for a passing result. S3AHAWKS3AHAWK Signature icon 1.pngS3AHAWK signature icon 2.png (talk) 21:19, May 17, 2020 (EDT)

300 isn't good enough in my opinion, since tournaments without much notable players consistently reach that mark. I would say 600 minimum, with exceptions to the ones that you listed. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 12:27, May 21, 2020 (EDT)

Well sounds like a good call to me. I'm definitely inexperienced when it comes to denoting notability of online Ultimate events. Pokebub (talk) 12:34, May 21, 2020 (EDT)