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Elevator slope glitch

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Lucario and Link trapped under the slopes

The elevator slope glitch is a glitch that allows players to go through the slopes in custom stages.

How to perform[edit]

To perform this glitch, one would have to go to the Stage Builder and build a stage consisting of a slope or two consisting of multiple slope blocks. Next, they would have to put the sideways elevators under each of the slope blocks like in the image. To go through the slopes, they should stand at a intersection between two slopes and perform a rolling dodge towards the elevator at the precise moment the elevator is under the slope and moving away. If done correctly, the character will roll through the slope and on to the elevator, possibly becoming stuck in the custom stage (depends on how it is built). In an alternative method, a character can be knocked through the slopes if hit by a strong enough attack (the attack doesn't need to be overpowering). This is most likely to happen in a V shape stage like in the images.


To escape, one would have to grab a Warp Star, obtain the three pieces of the Dragoon, hit someone or be hit with Great Aether, use Volt Tackle, Aura Storm, Grenade Launcher, End of Day, or the Landmaster, or be sucked up by Cook Kirby. An alternative method is to be hit through the slope's intersections to escape (it is much more difficult to get hit through the slope on the bottom side then it is through the top). This can backfire however, as seen in the Snake image below.