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Elevator slope glitch

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Lucario and Link trapped under the slopes

The elevator slope glitch is a glitch that allows players to clip through a diagonal line of slope blocks in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's custom stages.

How to perform[edit]

To perform this glitch, one would have to go to the Stage Builder and build a custom stage that has a slope consisting of multiple slope blocks, with a horizontal moving platform under at least one of the slope blocks, as demonstrated in the page image. After the custom stage is created and being played on, to clip through the slopes, players have to stand at an intersection between two slopes, then perform a rolling dodge towards the moving playform at the precise moment the platform is under the slope and moving away. If done correctly, the character will roll through the slope and on to the platform, possibly becoming stuck in the custom stage if it's built in a way that the area clipped into is completely closed off (as also demonstrated in the image).

In an alternative method, a character can be launched through the slopes if hit into an intersection at a fast enough launch speed. This is most likely to happen in a V-shaped stage like in the images in the gallery.


If the player utilizes this glitch to clip into a closed off area, escape can still be possible via an item or Final Smash that forcibly moves the player to another area while ignoring all platforms in the way, such as grabbing a Warp Star, obtaining the three pieces of the Dragoon, hitting someone or be hit by Great Aether, being sucked up by Cook Kirby, or using any of the following Final Smashes; Volt Tackle, Aura Storm, Grenade Launcher, End of Day, or the Landmaster. Alternatively, just like how players can be launched through the intersections of slopes from the top, it is possible to be launched through the intersections from the bottom, though this requires much faster launching speeds to pull off. Depending on how the stage is built, this can backfire by the launching player inadvertently clipping into an even more undesirable area, as demonstrated in the Snake image below.