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One page included[edit]

The maintenance page says there is one page in the category, but the category page says there is none. Is it because of the page itself? Awesome Cardinal 2000 18:09, 23 September 2014 (EDT)

It's probably just a bit slow to update. It's gone on my end. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Incomperable 18:10, 23 September 2014 (EDT)

Never seen this[edit]

What is this category? (Smashworker101 (talk) 18:30, 20 November 2014 (EST))

It's a page that lists all the active requests for adminship. Rtzxy Image for my signature (and before you say it's too large, I'm going to resize it as [[|20px]]. Reflect! 18:41, 20 November 2014 (EST)

Move to Active Requests For Additional Rights[edit]


  1. Support The main issue is if anyone is running for bureaucratship (i.e. Miles), nobody would see it, as RfBs do not have an icon on the things to do bar. Either A: This move has to happen to fix that, or B: RfBs will have to get their own icon, otherwise more low profile applications could end up going unnoticed, and nobody wants that. Disaster Flare (talk) 15:36, 6 November 2015 (EST)
  2. Very strong support. Everything Disaster Flare said, honestly. Ganonmew, The Thankful Evil Clone 15:53, 6 November 2015 (EST)
  3. Support This makes sense. RfBs and RfAs are pretty much in the same category. AidanzapunkSig1.pngAidan, the Wandering Space WarriorAidanzapunkSig2.png 21:26, 6 November 2015 (EST)
  4. Weak Support: what we have here is a move that changes the category's scope to be more correct. Ordinarily, I would fully support this, but I feel like it's not worth the effort, as RfBs are far and few between. Serpent SKSig.png King 21:41, 6 November 2015 (EST)
    By the way, I fully Oppose RfBs getting their own maintenance icon. Serpent SKSig.png King 21:43, 6 November 2015 (EST)
  5. Yep, it does seem kinda odd alright. Even if it's a rare circumstance, it's one we should be ready for. ScoreCounter 03:58, 7 November 2015 (EST)
  6. I was thinking it would be better if the page got moved to "Requests for additional rights". It sounds less vague that way... In either case however, 300% support, for the reasons listed above. And for the new icon, definitely full opposition. Drill Blaster Mark 2 (talk) 04:15, 7 November 2015 (EST)


  1. Oppose. Look at this template, or The RC. You will notice the RFA icon. Nuff said! (Because of that, it is a silly idea) INoMedssig.png INoMed (Talk • Contribs) 05:08, 7 November 2015 (EST)
    Also, Miles is correct. RfB's are really rare. RfR's are simple to apply for, so most of the wiki usually ignores that. (I like following RfR's though) So after further thinking, I move to Strong oppose. INoMedssig.png INoMed (Talk • Contribs) 05:11, 7 November 2015 (EST)
  2. Changing my vote to strong oppose for everything said by Miles and INoMed. Miles' RFB will probably be over very shortly, and after that we won't have to worry about it for a very long time, because we don't really need a third 'crat, nor do we have anyone who really could be one besides maybe Miles. ---Preceding unsigned comment added by a turkey! Or maybe DatNuttyKid. 07:15, 7 November 2015 (EST)


  1. Neutral, leaning towards support I don't see why we can't just add a box. We did it for the prerelease images. ---Preceding unsigned comment added by a turkey! Or maybe DatNuttyKid. 16:08, 6 November 2015 (EST)
  2. Neutral, leaning towards support. I'm not sure what to do, but I think we should move it. The sprite of Pokémon #25 Pikachu.Pika, Wild Turkey appeared! Talk 16:09, 6 November 2015 (EST)


Wait a second. By this name, it sounds like RfR's also would appear here, which really confuses me. DekZek Dekzeksig.png 22:07, 6 November 2015 (EST)

Uh... Ganonmew, The Thankful Evil Clone 22:13, 6 November 2015 (EST)
No...we would not put RfRs here. Serpent SKSig.png King 23:18, 6 November 2015 (EST)
I think the reason why that active RfRs are not included is because Rollbacker status is sadly not as important compared to admin and bureaucrat status. Dots (talk) 60% tech skill, 30% crazy, 10% you name it. :P The Bold 00:14, 7 November 2015 (EST)
Well...RfRs also do not have their own Serpent SKSig.png King 01:45, 7 November 2015 (EST)
RFR's are a quantitative process, and therefore don't need the attention of the wiki. They would be included in a group change like this under the old system, but the new system only needs the attention of a B'crat. ScoreCounter 03:58, 7 November 2015 (EST)

...this is kind of a pointless suggestion? It's not a terrible idea per se, but it's not really needed because RfBs are so rare and RfRs don't get pages. RfAs are the only ones that really need a category. My RfB is only in here so it appears on the maintenance template; it would be completely fine to just leave it that way. Besides, you could even make a semantic argument that since bureaucratship is a type of adminship, it technically counts anyway. Miles (talk) 04:23, 7 November 2015 (EST)

To all who are voting support: Miles' RfB is only in the RfA's because an "Active RfB's" category would be too much hassle for too little reward. (So yeah, think about that before Strong supporting this. (Also, I'm not trying to make this move suggestion a failure)) INoMedssig.png INoMed (Talk • Contribs) 06:55, 7 November 2015 (EST)

To INoMed, DatNuttyKid, and Miles, just because RfBs don't happen commonly doesn't mean they aren't relevant. Having an RfB in a category called Active RFAs is kinda awkward considering only ADMINS can make them. Also, I Oppose making Active RFBs an individual section as much as I would oppose this guy becoming an admin, because like INoMed said, it's too much hassle for nothing. Ganonmew, The Thankful Evil Clone 07:45, 7 November 2015 (EST)

Yeah yeah, But considering that Miles' RfB could end shortly, and that 2 "Active" bcrats is plenty for a wiki of this size... (And the fact that RfR's aren't really all that important to the wiki) There is a reason I'm Opposing this. INoMedssig.png INoMed (Talk • Contribs) 07:53, 7 November 2015 (EST)
Could this be that Miles' RfB is going to be the only one in a while? What if Nyargleblargle requests one sometime soon? Dots (talk) 60% tech skill, 30% crazy, 10% you name it. :P The Vampire Killer 10:07, 7 November 2015 (EST)

If this is just about having an entry in the maintenance bar, I'll make an "Active RfBs" category. The icon already exists anyway. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Inconceivable 11:08, 7 November 2015 (EST)