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I've sold 8.8 million albums up 'till now! Do you think I wouldn't know Yutnori?
—Lee Sangmin, The Genius (Game) - Yutnori is a stick casting game.

Signature Archives


  1. ScoreCounter (talk)
The plain old vanilla signature, when I was still a beginner in the ways of wiki. Yanno, was I was young, and my heart was an open book... when they used to say, "Live and Let Live"... Okay, enough of that.
  1. ScoreCounter
I later realised my name had the letters C, U and T in the second half, allowing me to create this cute joke.



Quite simply, I love how compact Agency FB is. And it kinda fits my name, in a way...

Good (Insert Time Of Day Here)!

I'm ScoreCounter, and I'm just a normal Smash player - albeit "merely" a competent one. In terms of video games, I like to think I'm average in everything - I can't play SUPER well at any genre, but I don't play badly at any either. I might (read:probably) will arise to the challenge when asked... But, don't expect me to be difficult or anything... My NNID is the same as my name is here. Just give me a heads up! Oh, and I'm sorta... British, so I work to GMT.

I write on sometimes - mostly videogames - and hang around on Miiverse. Just a little. Now, speak for a Just a Minute without Hesitation, Repetition or Deviation on the topic of...


Global Smash Power
Category Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Smash Run 3,123,623
Solo Classic 3,249,400
Group Classic
Solo All-Star 2,918,802
Group All-Star N/A
Target Blast 2,614,099
Home-Run Contest 2,727,105
Co-op Home-Run Contest
Solo 10-Man Smash 2,327,101
Solo 100-Man Smash 2,238,230
Solo 3-Minute Smash 1,837,501
Solo Rival Smash 1,961,240
Solo Endless Smash 1,988,761
Solo Cruel Smash 822,001
Group 10-Man Smash N/A
Group 100-Man Smash N/A
Group 3-Minute Smash N/A
Group Endless Smash N/A
Group Cruel Smash N/A
Solo Trophy Rush 2,473,213
Co-op Trophy Rush
Total 3,249,400
Last updated 16:12, 31 March 2015 (EDT) ~~~~~