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Cat (disambiguation)

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Cat may refer to:

  • Cat, a smasher from the Netherlands.
  • Catnip, a smasher from La Paz.
  • Catalyst, a smasher from New Brunswick.
  • The calico cat that has a rare chance of appearing as a background character on Living Room.
  • Tac, a cat-like character from the Kirby series who's name is "cat" in reverse.
  • Birdo, the Mario character who's name in Japanese is "Catherine".
  • Mewtwo, Incineroar, Mew, and Meowth, Pokémon that resemble cats.
  • Morgana, a Persona character who resembles a cat.
  • Cat Princess Peach and Giga Cat Mario, spirits in Ultimate.
  • Felyne, a cat-like monster from the Monster Hunter series who appears as a Mii hat and spirit in Ultimate.
  • The Cat Suit and Cat Hat Mii parts from Smash 4 and Ultimate, and the Cat Ears Mii part from Smash 4