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Hey, I wanted to welcome you to the wiki! Uhm, I notice you do a lot of edits specifically to page's trivia sections, and almost entirely regarding Classic Mode in Ultimate. Your edits are all good faith and written well, so this isn't a super pressing issue, but I'd recommend you'd take a look at SW:TRIVIA. Trivia is a very tricky and subjective thing to include in an article, especially when it comes to noteworthiness; typing out every little detail in each and every Classic Mode route doesn't always constitute good trivia. I'd also recommend you look around for other parts of the wiki where you might be able to help out, not just the one specific niche of Ultimate Classic Mode. Thank you for your contributions so far! ~ Serena Strawberry (talk) 01:16, July 28, 2019 (EDT)

Well... I often can't help myself as there's SO MUCH I observe that I want to add it all, but okay... :\ --NinTylo (talk) 22:40, July 28, 2019 (EDT)

That's understandable! The ultimate thing to keep in mind is that, if we noted every single little detail with the Classic Mode routes, we'd be here all day. It's best to focus on the most interesting trivia that makes you go, "Oh! That's unusual!" rather than just basic facts, y'know?
Regarding the comment you left on my own talk page, since it relates more to this conversation: it's also totally fair if that's the mode you're most focused on and the one you contribute to the most. I think it'd just be a good idea to look for other places where you might be able to contribute, because there's plenty more going on aside from that. Incomplete articles seem like they'd be your strong suit! ~ Serena Strawberry (talk) 23:40, July 28, 2019 (EDT)

Here's an ideal page to make, based on Event 4 of Melee: "Giant Yoshi". (That's the best I got, at the moment) --NinTylo (talk) 23:57, July 28, 2019 (EDT)

I'm gonna go ahead and come back to this; I recommend that you re-read SW:TRIVIA. In particular, avoid stating the obvious ("There are five characters in Classic Mode who have 'Smash' in their title names!"), making tenuous connections ("King K. Rool being unlocked in Link's Classic Mode table is a reference to King Bulblin!"), or overly-narrow superlatives ("Bowser and Sonic are the only two fighters who fight metal opponents in Classic Mode, and both of them are fought on city stages!"). Trivia needs to be noteworthy, clear, and verifiable. Simply adding something because we can include a list or it might be a reference just isn't enough. ~ Serena Strawberry (talk) 21:39, October 3, 2019 (EDT)

I apologize, but I'm just trying my hardest to make interesting connections for trivia. So really, I'm just coming up with as much as I can for necessary trivia, even if Classic Mode is the mode I've observed most... --NinTylo (talk) 21:44, October 3, 2019 (EDT)

A general tip, if you are trying very hard to think of trivia, it's most likely not good trivia and violates our guidelines. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 21:45, October 3, 2019 (EDT)
It's also worth noting that trivia isn't "necessary". It's trivial! That's why it's called trivia. ~ Serena Strawberry (talk) 21:51, October 3, 2019 (EDT)

If you say so... --NinTylo (talk) 21:47, October 3, 2019 (EDT)

Yo. I've noticed a lot of Classic Mode trivia coming from you, and I just wanted to make something clear: not everything has to be noted. We told you about this before, but you keep doing it, and it ends up making the trivia sections longer than they need to be, and filled with loose connections that aren't really that interesting to begin with. I have every reason to believe you're not editing in bad faith, however, so all I'm going to say is we've told you before about how trivia should be, and continuing to go against this will result in a short block for you. Aidan, the Rurouni 14:19, November 8, 2019 (EST)

I apologize really, but I don't what else to contribute to. I'm only good with interesting trivia like THAT, much less other trivia like characters with running, falling, or air speed, etc. NinTylo (talk) 14:23, November 8, 2019 (EST)

I mean, this is a wiki with tons of content. You don't just have to do trivia. See where Special:Random takes you. Aidan, the Rurouni 14:27, November 8, 2019 (EST)

You got any ideas yourself? (Cause if you DO, I just can' come up with much else that ISN'T interesting trivia... NinTylo (talk) 14:34, November 8, 2019 (EST)

If you have some knowledge on competitive play, you can help search and fill in some results. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 14:44, November 8, 2019 (EST)

I'll tell you this; even though I have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, I still don't observe much of it. NinTylo (talk) 14:47, November 8, 2019 (EST)

I should not have to provide you with ideas. This is a community effort; each of us are responsible for taking care of this wiki. Sure, there are topics that some excel in, but that doesn't change the fact that we all cover everything. For example, while I would call myself a coverer of information about the games themselves and not the competitive scenes, a very close friend of mine is a competitive smasher, and I make sure that his page is the most accurate it can be. Aidan, the Rurouni 15:22, November 8, 2019 (EST)


  1. Edits like these only inflate the sections they're a part of, and aren't really that interesting as trivia.
  2. If you have to question the level of how interesting a trivia point is, it probably isn't that interesting to begin with.
  3. It's interesting that you said that you would stop adding in trivia about Classic Mode, and yet you continued to do just that not even a day later.
  4. Don't wait for someone to tell you something different to do. There's tons of stuff on the wiki that needs to be done—pages that are incomplete or need more info, pages that need more pictures, or even pages that just need a general cleanup. We're incomplete, and it's up to users like you and I to make it more complete.

I shouldn't really have to be repeating these points. Aidan, the Rurouni 12:24, November 11, 2019 (EST)

I don't know, I just can't help myself at times... For real this time: Fine! From now on I won't try to provide interesting trivia on anything having to do with CM... UNTIL THE NEXT DLC IS RELEASED! NinTylo (talk) 15:18, November 11, 2019 (EST)

Unused Images[edit]

Could you either use (and designate as user images) all of these images you uploaded, or tag them for deletion? (Names are all in comments here so this doesn't count as links for them, please don't uncomment them.) DekZek Dekzeksig.png 20:20, October 23, 2019 (EDT)

(Just a heads up, you are supposed to continue a conversation on the same talk page as per SW:TALK). I'm referring to SW:IMG (specifically the section on categorizing images, as these are User images) and SW:DELETE (specifically the section on speedy deletion, use the reason "by user request"). While attempting to upload your tier list, you uploaded multiple versions of said list, and as I am unsure which version you wish to use (or if you wish to use multiple versions), I left the previous message. DekZek Dekzeksig.png 19:07, October 28, 2019 (EDT)

Edit warring[edit]

Do not undo a reversion, as that is edit warring. If you have a problem with an edit, do so in the talk page. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 14:43, November 8, 2019 (EST)

Fine. I just want people like them to get it through their head that every Zelda character in Ultimate is canonically human (even though they aren't the default type like we ourselves are). And on another note... from now on I won't try to give trivia to Classic Mode or anything related to it... AT LEAST until the last DLC fighter in the Fighter's Pass is released! NinTylo (talk) 15:15, November 8, 2019 (EST)

Every Zelda character is Hylian, as they are from the land of Hyrule. The only exception is Ganondorf, as he was canonically born in the Gerudo tribe. Aidan, the Rurouni 15:19, November 8, 2019 (EST)

Maybe so, but ordinary or not, Gerudos and Hylians are again explicitly described as part of THE Human Race. NinTylo (talk) 15:30, November 8, 2019 (EST)

Your editing habits[edit]


I don't want to have to repeat myself, but it seems I might have to.

Your edits, plain and simple, are disruptive and not helping the wiki in any way. They only serve to make loose connections and try and make the page seem fuller, when in fact, they're just information that shouldn't be there in the first place. Other users, including myself, have called you out on this, yet you ignore all of these requests to change (and even if you don't and you say you'll stop, you get right back into things). Your edits are also going against a policy that we have in place, which explicitly tells people what not to do. Given all three of these factors in tandem with one another, if you keep this up, you will be blocked. Aidan, the Rurouni 17:07, November 18, 2019 (EST)

moved from User talk:Aidanzapunk#Fine! -_-
I've made one last edit on Meta Knight for that "most words" part, but all I can really say is I can't think of much else to contribute to cause outside of CM, I have little to no knowledge of other stuff other than like tier lists of various characters, much less stages.
And I really hate to be rude and all but, again... Fine! Other than editing my own page, from now on I won't try to add trivia, or even helpfully contribute... At! ALL!! NinTylo (talk) 23:57, November 18, 2019 (EST)
Mmm... I'm assuming through this and your other edits that you're fairly young, aren't you? That's kind of an immature way to respond, the whole "I'm being scolded so I'm going to leave forever" deal. We're not punishing you or anything like that, but to improve your contributions to the wiki (and life in general, really) you have to listen to what other people say and take that into account. Broaden your horizons a bit. If you see something that needs fixing, fix it. Do some research if you want to contribute to other parts of the wiki. Don't just make edits for the sake of making edits, y'know? We'd love to have you. ~ Serena Strawberry (talk) 02:55, November 19, 2019 (EST)
  • Sigh* Never tire of hearing the "immature" factor (cause aren't we all immature in some manner? And I ask that cause, as much as I hate admitting it most of the time, I myself have high-functioning austim). And really, I hate to break it to you, but I have NO knowledge whatsoever of other stuff like current competitive players and what not. What else can I really do? NinTylo (talk) 03:58, November 19, 2019 (EST)
glances at my contributions Actually, quite a lot. There are ways to improve a wiki that don't directly involve adding info to pages. Stuff like Adding categories to images that need them, updating the licensing templates on images, tagging unused images for deletion, and more. These improvements aren't as visible to the average reader, but they are just as important to keeping a wiki running and up-to-date as everything else we do. DekZek Dekzeksig.png 10:58, November 19, 2019 (EST)

Also, this edit here is a violation of SW:TALK, because you are not to split discussions between multiple pages. Awesomelink234, the Super Cool Gamer Leave a message if needed 15:50, November 19, 2019 (EST)

I apologize if I came off as a little harsh, but I just wanted to make myself clear. I totally understand your situation, as I too am on the spectrum, but I also know that it doesn't excuse my actions. While it may be a reason behind it, it doesn't change the fact that it happened. I also wouldn't recommend just editing your own page. Aidan, the Rurouni 02:06, November 20, 2019 (EST)

No hard feelings, we all make mistakes, nobody's perfect. Apology accepted. NinTylo (talk) 02:58, November 20, 2019 (EST)

Userspace edits[edit]

Your last 20 or so edits all consist of adding revisions to your userpage. Please consider constructively editing the mainspace before making any further edits to your userspace. NokiiSig.png Nokii — 11:12, November 26, 2019 (EST)

What's the big deal with that? Sure, I make changes to the same categories on my own page, but at least I'm not making or giving too much unnecessary detail for other pages that aren't exactly mine to be something like an admin of, like their trivia... :\ NinTylo (talk) 16:22, November 26, 2019 (EST)

The big deal is that this behavior goes against multiple policies, mainly SW:USER, SW:PROB, and SW:NOT, and you have done so despite being warned by an administrator beforehand. You can make any sort of regular contribution to your userspace, as long as you can justify them with at least an equal amount of contributive mainspace edits. NokiiSig.png Nokii — 00:46, November 27, 2019 (EST)

I apologize for that, it's just that I'm getting higher and higher scores in CM, and I update them ASAP. NinTylo (talk) 00:50, November 27, 2019 (EST)

Now that you're back[edit]

Try to focus on other parts of the wiki besides classic mode trivia. Not every minor detail needs to be noted on every page, read this to know what is considered good trivia. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 20:10, May 29, 2020 (EDT)

I see. I'm making a sub-page for more CM details just to avoid being repetitive on its main page... if that's okay with you guys. --NinTylo (talk) 20:14, May 29, 2020 (EDT)

If you really are interested in CM trivia, why not create your own user page for it and list all of your points there? Just don't forget to work on the wiki's mainspace while at it. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 20:22, May 29, 2020 (EDT)
I should also mention: there's no need for the subpage. If it's not allowed on any classic mode page, it won't be allowed there as well. This is why I recommend making your own user page for it. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 20:23, May 29, 2020 (EDT)
Like I said, that's what I'm doing right now in fact... --NinTylo (talk) 20:24, May 29, 2020 (EDT)
Except I keep forgetting how exactly to make my own user pages for them... --NinTylo (talk) 20:25, May 29, 2020 (EDT)
[[User:NinTylo/Classic Mode (SSBU) - Sub-Page|Create one from this link then]]. In the future, it would be User:NinTylo/(name of user page). CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 20:26, May 29, 2020 (EDT)