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SSB4 mains Ness, Lucas, Falco, Mii Brawler, Mr. Game & Watch, Toon Link
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Brawl mains Lucas, Ness, Falco, Toon Link
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SSB64 mains Ness, Mario
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Additional info
Real name Jackson
Location Tasmania Australia

Hi guys. I do put information on this Wiki. That is all.

The 22nd of March, 2015 is the date that I first played Melee.

My first tournament

The 31st of January was the day I got to play in a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament for the first time. Rules were no items, two stock and 6 minutes time. It was a double elimination format. I was using my New Nintendo 3DS as a controller.

First match I was using a Mii Brawler, fighting with a Pink R.O.B. Matches were held on Smashville and Battlefield. I lost both matches, the nerdy looking guy wearing glasses was too good. So I found myself in the losers bracket, fighting against a big guy with a cap. I used Toon Link and his 8th palette, and he used the normal Dark Pit. Matches were held on Battlefield and Final Destination. First match I lost, he was pretty good, but I was close! Second match started pretty awesome actually. I gave 90% damage without getting hit. Then, when I started getting attacked, I happened to self-destruct using Toon Link's down air when I wasn't above the stage. As I was on my other stock, he got good again and KO'd me. So I shook his hand and left in a good mood, knowing what a tournament looks like.

My amiibo

This gallery is of the amiibo I currently own, in order of obtainment. Costume, No. in the series, Nickname, Special Moves, Date obtained.