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Team' Apex, seen as Apex| in tournaments, was a crew and tournament organization group based in the Tristate Area of the United States, created by Alex Strife and Crismas. The crew originally started to promote Brawl events, originally hosting the moderately small Apex 2009 event with Ally winning over Mew2King. Past 2009, they have progressively added other games, including Super Smash Bros. and Melee in 2010. In 2012, they became part of the Road to EVO 2012. The crew has been a major contributor to the Smash scene in the Tristate Area as well as bringing competitive Smash to a wider audience by getting sponsorships with Twitch and other major companies.

Sponsors and partners[edit]

And various other sponsors such as ScrewAttack and Play-Asia, as well as streamers such as VGBootCamp, CLASH Tournaments, Bifuteki, 8WayRun, and Team Sp00ky for Apex/Zenith.


Hosted events[edit]

See Apex Series, as well as Zenith 2013 and Zenith 2014.

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