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Stairway to Heaven

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An example of a Captain Falcon combo in Smash 64. Using up smashes, followed with a string of up aerials, then Falcon Dive.
SuPeRbOoMfAn performing the Stairway to Heaven against Isai (Link).

The Stairway to Heaven is a popular and easy combo performable by Captain Falcon in Smash 64, which consists of a series of up aerials leading into a Falcon Dive. The combo was named by smasher Battlecow, after the Led Zeppelin rock song Stairway to Heaven.

The startup move varies, though it is usually initiated by a forward throw or an up smash, especially among less experienced Captain Falcon players. It can be performed most effectively on Hyrule Castle, due to the three brown platforms allowing Falcon to combo the opponent to the top of the stage without having to be very precise with the timing of his up aerials. However, it is often easier to set up the combo on Dream Land, due to the stage's smaller size allowing Falcon to approach the opponent and start the combo easier.

More advanced versions of the combo may require a fair amount of technical skill in order to maximize the amount of up aerials and use the Falcon Dive at the highest possible altitude to get a KO.

While the technique is usually impossible to escape if done correctly, the opponent can tech out of it in certain circumstances; namely, if they are still in hitstun while just above the top platform on Dream Land, they will be able to tech soon enough so that the invincibility frames will prevent the Falcon player from landing the up aerial.

In later games, this combo is commonly referred to as the "64 combo." However, in Melee and Brawl, Falcon's up aerial has a lower launch angle, decreasing its combo potential, and making it much harder to chain it into itself. In Smash 4, however, Falcon's up aerial has the same launch angle as in the original game, and is his main combo move. It can be reliably comboed into itself multiple times, though due to Falcon Dive's decreased speed and knockback, it is no longer a viable way to end the combo. Instead, the up aerial leads efficiently into Knee Smash.

In Ultimate however, Falcon Dive is much stronger, having much more knockback than in previous games, being a viable KO move and combo finisher, bringing back certain aspects of the combo from how it was in 64 and is able to KO close to the ledge at 45% - 60% (depending on the opponent's weight) after a grab or a Raptor Boost.