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Spirits with overworld effects

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Susie being used to overcome an obstacle.

In Adventure Mode: World of Light, several spirits have overworld effects that allow for the traversal of certain obstacles on The Light Realm map.


Once obtained (either through Spirit Battles or other methods), these spirits have an ability that will affect certain areas in The Light Realm. As The Light Realm map is complex and has many paths to choose from, certain spirits in different locations share the same effect. Other effects are exclusive to a single spirit.

Interchangeable, multiple uses[edit]

Bridge Repair[edit]

SSBU spirit Mini Mario & Hammers.png
Mini Mario & Hammers
(Mario vs. Donkey Kong Series)
Artwork used for Cyrus & Reese's Spirit. Ripped from Game Files
Cyrus & Reese
(Animal Crossing Series)
SSBU spirit Guts Man.png
Guts Man
(Mega Man Series)
SSBU spirit Bord & Cord & Barst.png
Bord & Cord & Barst
(Fire Emblem Series)

Rain Conjuring[edit]

SSBU spirit Kamek.png
(Super Mario Series)
SSBU spirit Kammy Koopa.png
Kammy Koopa
(Paper Mario Series)
Viridi as a spirit in SSBU, extracted from game files.
(Kid Icarus Series)
(Panel de Pon Series)

Rock Clearing[edit]

SSBU spirit Mouser.png
(Super Mario Series)
SSBU spirit Bob-omb.png
(Super Mario Series)
SSBU spirit Link (The Legend of Zelda).png
Link (The Legend of Zelda)
(The Legend of Zelda Series)
SSBU spirit Link (A Link Between Worlds).png
Link (A Link Between Worlds)
(The Legend of Zelda Series)
SSBU spirit Totem Link.png
Totem Link
(The Legend of Zelda Series)
SSBU spirit Poppy Bros. Jr..png
Poppy Bros. Jr.
(Kirby Series)
SSBU spirit Bomb Man.png
Bomb Man
(Mega Man Series)
from the game's files
(Bomberman Series)

Interchangeable, one use[edit]

Base Entrance[edit]

SSBU spirit Susie.png
(Kirby Series)
Hal emmerich
Hal Emmerich
(Metal Gear Solid Series)
SSBU spirit MegaMan.EXE.png
(Mega Man Battle Network Series)
SSBU spirit ProtoMan.EXE.png
(Mega Man Battle Network Series)

Great Fox Repair[edit]

SSBU spirit Slippy Toad.png
Slippy Toad
(Star Fox Series)
SSBU spirit ROB 64.png
ROB 64
(Star Fox Series)

Unique, multiple uses[edit]

Wild Goose Driver[edit]

(F-Zero Series)

Bus Transportation[edit]

Kapp'n (Wild World)
(Animal Crossing Series)

Boat Transportation[edit]

(Animal Crossing Series)

Water Transportation[edit]

SSBU spirit Lapras.png
(Pokémon Series)

Railroad Transportation[edit]

SSBU spirit Alfonzo & Engineer Link.png
Alfonzo & Engineer Link
(The Legend of Zelda Series)

Unique, one use[edit]

Rainbow Creation[edit]

SSBU spirit Ho-Oh.png
(Pokémon Series)


  • Only three of these spirits are specifically required to beat World of Light: Lapras is needed to access the Rathalos boss fight, a spirit with the Base Entrance effect is needed to access the Galleom boss fight, and a spirit with either the rain conjuring effect or Great Fox repair effect is needed to reach Galeem.
  • As he has two spirits, Kapp'n is technically the only character to have two exclusive effects.
    • If different incarnations of Link are counted as the same character, then he and Kapp'n are the only characters with more than one overworld effect.
  • Spirits that are in the Gym, Dojo, or are Exploring are still able to use their overworld effect, despite those activities normally preventing spirits from being used in battle.
  • Great Fox repair is the only overworld effect with interchangeable spirits to only use spirits from a single universe, being the Star Fox universe.