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Space animal slayer

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The Space animal slayer being performed on Fox.

The space animal slayer, also known as the Hunger strike after Jigglypuff professional Hungrybox, is a well-known Jigglypuff combo in the Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee, though more notable in the latter. It is used against low-percent fast fallers such as Fox, Falco (i.e. the Star Fox characters, or "space animals"), and Captain Falcon, and occasionally works on Roy due to his high falling speed and gravity. It is performed by using the up throw, then jumping towards the target, and then using Rest. At medium percentages, an up aerial can be interposed to ensure the Rest hits.

The combo essentially works because the space animals' high gravity and falling speed makes them much easier to combo into then any other characters after a low-damage up throw. This allows Jigglypuff enough time for it to jump into them and Rest before they get out of hitstun. While the target's initial damage must be low enough for Jigglypuff to get there in time, the combo can still score a clean KO depending on the stage and positioning, which puts a large swing in the match.

The combo can be escaped by quickly DI-ing horizontally. It is also possible to tech on a platform should there be any on the stage. Should the Rest connect, the victim should attempt to DI sideways rather than up, as being Star KO'd will allow Jigglypuff to wake up before they can respawn and make a punish attempt.

This technique also works in the original Super Smash Bros. against Fox, Captain Falcon, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Link. In the original game, DI does not exist outside of Smash DI, which makes the combo more reliable to score KOs. However, due to Rest not being as strong as in "Melee", although stronger than in the Japanese version, it has to be used at medium percents.

The space animal slayer is no longer possible in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and future games, due to Jigglypuff's up throw having increased base knockback, sending opponents too high to allow for comboing into Rest at any percentage, combined with the lower hitstun of future games.

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