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Smashmate (スマメイト) is a Japanese community website for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate designed primarily for online play. A Twitter account is required to register, as well as verify if the user has a LAN adapter to display on their profile. Founded by Occho during the Smash 4 era, the website features a season-based Elo ladder, as well as an online tournament scene for players with particularly high ratings. Notable online tournaments such as Tamisuma and Maesuma are run directly on the website, sign-ups and bracket included, sometimes streamed on YouTube. Additionally, players have the option of filling out Player Diaries to track their progress, and opponents have the option of posting their thoughts on the match on the player's profile. Players that remain high on the ladder will earn achievements on their profiles as well.

Top players such as acola, Miya, Yoshidora, and Shuton frequently use the website, while several international players have played on the ladder while visiting Japan, including ApolloKage, Cosmos, and Glutonny.


Smashmate uses its own ruleset for rated games on their ladder, which are often adopted by tournaments as well. It's a "Best of 3" set that uses 3 stocks, a time limit of 7 minutes, and Stage Hazards are set to off. Characters can be changed freely. In the event of Sudden Death, the player with the lowest percentage wins. If their percentage is the same, then Sudden Death is played out.


For the first game, players will agree on a stage to play on. For games 2 and 3, the loser picks the stage. Dave's Stupid Rule used to apply until the 11th rated season, where it was abolished.

For rated battles exclusively, players can set up to 2 stages to ban on their Smashmate profiles for the Starter and Counterpick stages, which neither the player nor the opponent can select for the duration of their set. Thus, up to 4 stages can be set. Banned stages are shown to both players alongside a generated list of stages to choose from. During matchmaking, the banned stages cannot be changed.

Starter Stages
SSBU-Final Destination.jpg
Final Destination
SSBU-Pokémon Stadium 2.png
Pokémon Stadium 2
Small Battlefield
Counterpick Stages
SSBU-Town and City.png
Town and City
SSBU-Kalos Pokémon League.png
Kalos Pokémon League


  • The Smashmate website was referenced in the anime Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki as a similar-looking website. Several ranked players could be seen as references to top Smashmate ladder players such as "いcider" referencing acola and "RYU" referencing KEN. [1]


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