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Tournament:Tamisuma (series)

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Founded 2014
Region Online
Format Single elimination
Director(s) sameki

Tamisuma (タミスマ) is an online tournament series run by sameki on Smashmate and is considered to be among the most prestigious online tournament series in Japan. Footage of the tournaments are maintained on YouTube, and VGBootCamp has re-streamed these tournaments since the 157th iteration. These tournaments frequently feature high-level players from Japan, such as Shuton and Ron.


Tamisuma's tournaments are run very frequently — at least once a week — in a single-elimination, live tournament format. Signups are often up for around an hour and have extremely high participation rates, frequently an upwards of 200 players. Tournaments are region-locked to Japan and require a decently strong connection for participation.

Tamisuma runs its own stagelist without counterpicks for pools. As of March 2021, the following applies, using a 2-1 strike system:

In Grand Finals, Smashmate's stagelist is used alongside counterpicks.



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