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This article is about the Smasher Sandstorm. For the tournament Sandstorm, see Tournament:Sandstorm.
Character info
Smash 4 main Ryu
Other Smash 4 character Bayonetta
Ultimate mains Ken, Ryu
Other Ultimate character Kazuya
Team info
Former sponsor(s) Tempo Storm
Wildcard Gaming
Rankings and results info
Most recent ranking Super Smash Bros. 4 Central Pennsylvania Power Rankings: 1st
Personal and other info
Real name Stephen Myers
Birth date (age 22)
Location Lancaster, Pennsylvania United States

Sandstorm is an Ultimate Ken and Ryu co-main from Lancaster, Pennsylvania who is considered one of the best shoto players in the United States. He has wins on several top players such as Myran, ESAM, Salem, ZD, and Ling. He was formerly ranked 10th on the Philadelphia Power Rankings and 1st on the Central Pennsylvania Ultimate Power Rankings.

In SSB4, he mained Ryu and was considered one of the best Ryu mains in the United States. He had wins on players such as CaptainZack, 6WX, Vivid, and Pink Fresh and he is currently ranked 1st on the Central Pennsylvania Smash 4 Power Rankings.

Sandstorm was picked up by Tempo Storm on January 21st, 2020.[1]. On January 21st, 2021, Tempo Storm parted ways with him and fellow top Brawlhalla player Boomie.[2]

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Royal Flush May 12th-14th, 2017 13th 17th LOZO
Naifu Wars: World War 2Online June 23rd, 2017 13th
2GGC: SCR Saga August 19th-20th, 2017 49th 17th Gen
Marauder Mayhem September 30th, 2017 2nd 2nd LOZO
DreamHack Atlanta 2018 November 16th-18th, 2018 25th

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Ultimate Naifu Wars 1Online December 14th, 2018 17th
Ultimate Naifu Wars 2Online January 4th, 2019 25th
Glitch 6 January 19th-20th, 2019 65th 17th Gen
Final Round 2019 March 15th-17th, 2019 13th
DreamHack Dallas 2019 May 31st-June 2nd, 2019 25th
CEO 2019 June 28th-30th, 2019 129th
Low Tier City 7 July 12th-14th, 2019 9th
Shine 2019 August 23rd-25th, 2019 25th
DreamHack Montreal 2019 September 6th-8th, 2019 5th
The Grind 92 September 13th, 2019 17th
Glitch 7 - Minus World September 14th-15th, 2019 65th
DreamHack Rotterdam October 18th-20th, 2019 1st
Smash Ultimate Summit 2 VIP Bracket October 24th-27th, 2019 5th
DreamHack Atlanta 2019 November 15th-17th, 2019 25th
The Grind 110 January 17th, 2020 13th
Glitch 8 - Missingno January 18th-19th, 2020 17th
GENESIS 7 January 24th-26th, 2020 49th
Save Point: The PA State Championship March 7th, 2020 5th 9th DanTheMan
Stop AAPI Hate April 3rd, 2021 3rd
The Grind 156 September 24th, 2021 7th
Glitch 8.5 - Konami Code September 24th-26th, 2021 193rd
Low Tide City 2021 October 1st-3rd, 2021 65th
CT Gamercon 5 March 19th-20th, 2022 33rd
bae100 April 2nd, 2022 17th
Pound 2022 April 22nd-24th, 2022 49th
Low Tide City 2022 April 29th-May 1st, 2022 65th
Glitch - Regen September 23rd-25th, 2022 65th
DreamHack Atlanta 2023 December 15th-17th, 2023 25th / 284

Gameplay videos[edit]


  • Sandstorm is better known for being one of the best Brawlhalla players in the world, as well as being proficient in multiple other fighting games as a whole.
  • He is also well known for being very skilled at the rhythm platformer called "Geometry Dash", where he is known for being the first person to beat the extreme demon ‘Cataclysm’ prior to its update, as well as having completed other difficult extreme demons, such as ‘Bloodlust,’ ‘The Yandere,’ and, supposedly, ‘Zodiac.’


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