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Character info
Melee mains Luigi, Pichu
Other Melee character Marth
Project M main Luigi
Personal and other info
Location Arizona United States

Nicknyte is a smasher from Arizona. He became a smasher after watching KillaOR play smash for money and since then, has done decently in the majority of the tournaments he attends. He helped running SAST 2 on October 13th, 2007. He was formerly ranked 10th on the Arizona Power Rankings for Melee.

His main inspiration came from Forward, the Falco player. Having a grudge on him just because they have the same birthday, only a year apart, that he committed himself to try to be as good as him.

At first, he was an an amateur smasher at the University of Arizona that only hung out with the now retired Nogfu, Forward, and B-will while trying to get better at the game. He left the University in 2006 to Louisiana, where he got himself a name as one of the better smashers in the state. Now, he attends the University of Arizona as a sophomore as one of the best smashers at the University of Arizona.

His first main was Marth and dubbed Marth's Ledgehop D-air "The Nytespike." The state of Louisiana recognizes as such. He considers it his signature move. Since then, he has picked up Luigi, seeing that even lower tier characters can handle the big dogs, based on Luigi Ka-master's results at FCD. When playing Marth, he leans on the idea of spiking people opposed to forward smashing for kills.

He has an apprentice that goes by PXG. He is trying to teach him how to play Falco, while at the same time, giving him competitive smash experience.