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SSB4 mains Pikachu, Zelda
Other SSB4
Bowser, Mii Swordfighter, Fox
Skill Super Smash Bros. 4 Top professional
Ranking Super Smash Bros. 4 Midwest Smash 4 Power Rankings: 15th
Additional info
Real name Orlando Murrell
Location Michigan USA

Nero is a Smash 4 Pikachu and Zelda main considered to be the best of his characters in the Midwest. He most notably has never lost to Duck Hunt or Pac-Man, having an extremely positive record on national threat Ozone. He has wins on players such as K9sbruce, Ned, tyroy, Rayquaza07, LOE1, Nom, Colinies. His Zelda has wins on LOE1's Diddy in a single game, as well beating him in the Zelda ditto, with other wins such as exJORDANary, Llany, and Goof's Lucina. His Zelda also has accumulated over $300 from money matches with Michigan and Chicago players. Despite all this, he is most famous for his Mii Swordfighter named TREEHOUSE. If you have ever seen a player by the name of Nero playing a character not listed here, it probably wasn't him.