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Ultimate main King K. Rool
Other Ultimate
Sponsor(s) Northwood Esports
Skill Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Professional
Ranking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Michigan Power Rankings: 7th
Additional info
Real name Jackson Wallace
Location Midland, Michigan USA

Kople is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate King K. Rool player from Michigan. He has wins over Zinoto, Nicko, Brandon Gordon, Lavish, BooBear, Runes, Seth, and Gomakenpi. He is currently ranked 7th on the Michigan Power Rankings.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Soaked Series InvitationalOnline February 29th-March 1st, 2020 161st
Pound OnlineOnline April 24th-26th, 2020 257th
The BoxOnline May 8th-10th, 2020 129th
The Online OlympusOnline May 31st, 2020 769th
Domics' Atomic ArenaOnline June 19th-21st, 2020 193rd
Get On My Line 2020Online July 25th-26th, 2020 97th
The Box: Lunch Box 2Online July 29th, 2020 129th
Lockhart SeriesOnline August 9th, 2020 33rd
The Box: Lunch Box 3Online August 26th, 2020 25th
Frame Perfect Series 2: ONLINEOnline September 18th, 2020 33rd
DDee's Dreamland SkirmishOnline October 3rd, 2020 5th
Kookus and the Money Machine 2Online October 21st, 2020 5th
The Box: L4st's BoxOnline October 28th, 2020 49th
Ultimate 32Online November 14th-15th, 2020 145th
Frame Perfect Series 4: ONLINEOnline January 17th, 2021 129th
The Box: Lunch Box 8Online January 27th, 2021 25th
The Box: Lunchbox+Online April 28th, 2021 49th
SWT: NA Northeast Ultimate Online QualifierOnline May 22nd-23rd, 2021 129th
Back To Smash September 4th, 2021 17th
The Box: Lunch Box 15Online September 29th, 2021 17th
MIRAGE October 2nd, 2021 13th
Gaming for HopeOnline November 13th, 2021 2nd
Get Clipped 17 A Holiday SpecialOnline December 26th, 2021 17th
MIRAGE II May 7th, 2022 17th
Wolvarena 4 May 21st, 2022 17th
STAMPEDE June 4th, 2022 9th
EMUSC Summer of Love June 11th, 2022 17th 3rd Onin
STAMPEDE II July 23rd, 2022 9th
EMUSC Summer of Love 2 August 20th, 2022 2nd 3rd Frostbyte
Bahamut September 3rd, 2022 13th 2nd Sogoodpop
Riptide 2022 September 9th-11th, 2022 97th
The Big House 10 October 7th-9th, 2022 65th 9th Sogoodpop
The Arcadian Online Qualifier 3 East CoastOnline October 23rd, 2022 17th

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