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Brawl mains Meta Knight, Kirby
Other Brawl
Melee main Sheik
Other Melee
Falco, Fox
Project M main Sheik
Skill Super Smash Bros. Melee Professional
Additional info
Location Maryland United States

HAT is a Maryland Sheik main who used to also play Brawl and Project M. He is currently ranked 11th on the MD/VA Melee Power Rankings and formerly ranked 3rd on the MD/VA Project M Power Rankings. In Melee, he has wins over HugS, Vist, lloD, Azen, Jiano, and DruggedFox. He is also a tournament organizer both at the local and national levels, helping organize events from Super SmashCon and the Pound Series to Xanadu Weeklies.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
EGL DC January 20th, 2007 33rd 17th Frozen
ChuDatz Final Biweekly August 1st-3rd, 2008 9th 9th Turbo
Apex 2009 May 10th-11th, 2009 17th 13th BTree
Shell Shocked XII February 11th, 2012 9th 5th DosV
Thanks for Playing 7 June 7th, 2014 17th
Defend This House June 13th, 2015 13th
Super Smash Con 2015 August 8th-10th, 2015 33rd
Smash @ Xanadu Wednesdays 1/20 January 20th, 2016 9th
Pound 2016 April 2nd-3rd, 2016 65th
Raider Bowl VI April 24th, 2016 1st 3rd Nurok
Super Smash Con 2016 August 11th-14th, 2016 65th
Shine 2016 August 26th-27th, 2016 33rd
Atlantic Extravaganza 12 January 14th, 2017 7th 3rd Wenbobular
GENESIS 4 January 20th-23rd, 2017 65th 33rd Wenbobular
Smash Valley V February 18th, 2017 17th 7th Wenbobular
Atlantic Extravaganza 13 March 25th, 2017 2nd 2nd Bones
Fight Pitt 7 April 15th, 2017 5th 4th Wenbobular
Royal Flush May 12th-14th, 2017 33rd 25th Wenbobular
Atlantic Extravaganza 14 July 8th, 2017 2nd 1st Wenbobular
Super Smash Con 2017 August 10th-13th, 2017 65th 17th Wenbobular
Shine 2017 August 25th-27th, 2017 33rd 13th Chillin
The Big House 7 October 6th-8th, 2017 65th 49th Neologism
Smash Valley: Lucky 7 February 17th, 2018 17th 17th Wenbobular
Xanadu - End of an Era February 24th-25th, 2018 13th 7th Wenbobular

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
Critical Hit 3 July 5th, 2008 49th 33rd EE
C3 July Monthly July 19th, 2008 13th
ChuDatz Final Biweekly August 1st-3rd, 2008 17th 25th FakeKraid
Cyberden September 27th, 2008 7th
C3 October Opera October 19th, 2008 9th
EvilTwinz of MD November 15th, 2008 9th 1st ChuDat
ChuDatz Thanksgiving Biweekly November 28th, 2008 13th 7th Turbo
Critical Hit 4.5 December 13th, 2008 9th 13th Turbo
ChuDatz Final Happy Go-Lucky Birthday Biweekly January 16th, 2009 13th 3rd NEO
Apex 2009 May 10th-11th, 2009 33rd 13th NEO
C3 August Assault August 15th, 2009 13th
Pound 4 January 18th-19th, 2010 25th 49th GimR

Project M[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
Thanks for Playing 7 June 7th, 2014 9th 9th DosV
Blacklisted August 15th-16th, 2015 4th 1st Junebug
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