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Piranha Plant (SSBU)/Neutral attack

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Piranha Plant's neutral attack consists of a jab with its leaf, then a leaf swipe, and either a headbutt or series of bites to finish off. The first hit comes out very fast at frame 2, making it effective for grounded combo breaking, quick punishes or out-framing many moves. The headbutt is useful for starting tech chases due to the Sakurai Angle and low endlag, while the bite attack is excellent for racking damage, typically dealing ~20% combined with the first 2 hits and held long enough just before it ends.

For the technical data of each individual hit, see:

Frame Data[edit]

All data is measured in Frames.

Hit Hitbox IDs Starts at (within hit) Lasts for FAF
1 0-3 2 2 20
2 0-3 2 2 21
3 0-2 7 2 26
Finisher 0 6 2 40