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Model meshing glitch

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Here, Luigi's model has been "mixed" with Peach's due to the model meshing glitch, and it appears as if Luigi is wearing Peach's dress.

The model meshing glitch, also known as the dress glitch, is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Brawl where two characters appear in the same position in the match results screen. If executed properly, the two character models should be overlapping each other, looking as if they were forced together, hence the term "mesh" in the glitch.

How to perform[edit]

The glitch can be used with any characters or stages, and must follow these general instructions.

  1. All players must be at 300%.
  2. The fight has to be in a Team Brawl, with two characters on the same team and the others on separate teams, making it a 2v1v1
  3. One character on one solo team must execute a very powerful attack (usually a full charged move or Final Smash) on all 3 opponents near the edge, and must launch the foes to the left or right of the screen.
  4. They must all be at one stock when doing so.

Sample method[edit]

  1. Go to Special Brawl and set up a match with 300% damage.
  2. Set up a team single stock match with Ike on one team, Mario and Peach on another, and Luigi on the third.
  3. Go to Final Destination.
  4. Line up the characters from the ledge as follows: Luigi, Peach, Mario, Ike.
  5. Fully charge Ike's neutral special move toward the ledge.
  6. All but Ike should be KO'd.
  7. If successfully executed, Luigi should be "wearing" Peach's dress at the Match Results Screen.