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Meta Knight (SSB4)/Forward throw

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Hitbox visualization showing Meta Knight's forward throw.
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Meta Knight flip kicks the opponent. Against heavyweights and fastfallers, it has the same follow-ups as down throw and dash attack. On the rest of the cast, however, this throw can start combos only off of a dash throw. Like the aforementioned moves, it can chain into an up smash, up tilt, any aerial, Mach Tornado, and Shuttle Loop. It has lower knockback growth than his down throw, and since the much faster animation makes it difficult to DI properly, forward throw links more reliably into Shuttle Loop past 100%. Also, at low percents, it can link into a dash attack, which also has excellent combo potential.

Update history

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS 1.0.4

  • Buff Forward throw now deals 9% damage to all opponents instead of only dealing 3% to most opponents.
  • Buff Possibly as a cause of the aforementioned change, Forward Throw has gained an additional two hitboxes, dealing 6% damage each.

Throw data

Hitbox type Damage Angle Base knockback Knockback scaling Fixed knockback value Weight dependent Effect
Throw 6%, 3% 65° 50 140 0 No Normal
This move in SSBB This move in SSB4 This move in SSBU Meta Knight's moveset
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