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Mario Kart glitch

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Note that somebody is KO'd on Mario Circuit's lower blast line, which is supposed to be impossible.

The Mario Kart glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that causes characters to fall through solid platforms. The glitch can only be performed with Stamina, Mega, and high gravity selected in Special Brawl. If a character has their HP at below 6 with a falling speed of at least Sonic's (1.45), and Kirby uses Inhale and spits them out, they will fall through the platform Kirby is standing on.

Stages where the glitch has been found[edit]


When released from Inhale, characters are released at a point slightly below Kirby's level. Normally this difference is small enough to make little difference, but in a high-gravity Mega Brawl, and with Stamina mode's altered knockback physics, it's possible for this point to be far enough below the platform Kirby is standing on that the victim does not land on it, and instead falls through it (as the interior of objects is not considered solid space by the game; if it was considered solid space, this would have prevented the glitch from existing).