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Mythra Foresight SSBU.gif
Foresight activating in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
User Mythra
Universe Xenoblade Chronicles
Article on Xeno Series Wiki Foresight (XC2)

Foresight (因果律予測, Casualty Prediction) is Mythra's fighter ability, based on the Blade skill of the same name. It is functionally similar to Bayonetta's Bat Within mechanic, but has a slowdown effect reminiscent of Witch Time.


In order to activate Foresight, Mythra must perform a dodge right before an opponent lands an attack. If done correctly between frame 2 and the last frame before the dodge starts becoming intangible (frames 2–6 on her spot dodge and forward roll, frames 2–7 on her back roll, and frames 2–5 on her neutral and directional air dodges; note that these values assume fresh dodges rather than staled ones), Mythra will perform an animation, the damage received is halved, she takes no knockback whatsoever, and the opponent receives the slowdown effect for 36 frames. This mechanic is useful for breaking out of untrue combos and getting out of disadvantageous situations, and can be used to punish moves that would otherwise be difficult for even her to properly punish. Successfully activating Foresight with a dodge will also not add that dodge to the dodge staling queue.

However, similarly to Bat Within, Foresight does not work against grabs, unblockable attacks or Final Smashes. Due to Mythra's dodge intangibility starting noticeably later than all other characters (except Bayonetta), this can make Mythra unusually vulnerable to such moves, especially grabs by opponents performed out of shield against her (particularly if she attempts to spot dodge an incoming shield grab after hitting an opponent's shield). It noticeably also does not function correctly against Diddy Kong's Banana Peel, causing her to take full damage from the banana peel while not slowing down Diddy Kong himself in any way. Additionally, Foresight causes Mythra to move directly downward if used in midair, which may be useful on-stage but is highly detrimental to her off-stage game due to her weak recovery. Furthermore, unlike Bat Within, the Foresight activation window is actually affected by dodge staling, meaning that the maneuver only truly activates on frame 2 if Mythra's dodges are fresh; as such, repeated uses of any of Mythra's dodges without successfully executing Foresight can potentially hinder its utility as a combo breaker.

When Mythra activates Foresight, she may call out the exact name of this maneuver, though she may also say "Nuh-uh!" (見える, I see it.) or "Guess again!" (見切った?, See your mistake?).

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List MythraHeadSSBU.png If an opponent lands an attack right before you dodge, you will take less damage and trigger a slow effect for a short time. Take advantage of moving faster than your opponent, and launch a counterattack.


In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Foresight is a Blade skill that Mythra can perform. Once activated, Mythra briefly sees into the future, similarly to Shulk's Vision. The party will then have increased accuracy and evasion rates, with the total percent increase dependent on skill and affinity level, as well as meeting certain prerequisites. Foresight is introduced in the cutscene where Mythra reawakens, during the boss fight against Akhos and Malos at Olethro Playhouse; she uses Foresight to help Rex dodge and counterattack their advances, much to their surprise and confusion.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 因果律予測
UK English Foresight
France French Prescience
Germany German Schicksalsblick
Spain Spanish Presagio
Italy Italian Preveggenza
China Chinese (Simplified) 因果律预测
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 因果律預測
South Korea Korean 인과율 예측
Netherlands Dutch Voorgevoel
Russia Russian Предвидение


  • Masahiro Sakurai showed an early version of Foresight in a YouTube video that notably did not have an after image of Mythra at the point of collision. One was later added for visual clarity.[1]

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